Sonic Dash 2 Cheats and Tips


Sonic Dash 2 Cheats and Tips


Secure your rings in Sonic Dash 2

First, a valuable tip for running in Sonic Dash 2. So you should here, steadily secure your rings. The reason: When you die or’re running against an obstacle, you lose all your rings. If you secure these on specific sections, this can no longer be lost. Another advantage: You can choose a different character of your team.

The more often you save your rings, the higher is also the banking bonus. This can be increased up to 5 times. This means that your rings are multiplied by this factor. Did you therefore collected 100 Rings and you were already four times secure, your rings increases all at 5x and 500 rings are now counted accordingly. With this simple tip you can back up many rings in Sonic Dash 2.

Collect the achievements from the missions

In Sonic Dash 2 you always try to complete two missions. However, the rewards are not automatically credited. We also have not seen this directly the first time. These rewards can be rings, red rings, experience or spirits. Since a higher level also always means a higher multiplier to your score, you should also not ignore the experience.

To collect your achievements in Sonic Dash 2 of the missions you have to be in the menu on top of the envelope. If you have collected rewards, than there can be seen, a white number on a red background,. There you can touch these prices and then it displays what you have earned.

Characters in Sonic Dash 2: An overview + Tips

Overall, you can play six characters in Sonic Dash 2, where Sonic is the first one already unlocked. The other game characters you have to unlock with red rings. This you get by running, tasks

  • Sonic: Can collect rings while sprinting
  • Knuckles: Special strike – high jump and then wipe down to destroy opponents
  • Tails: A revive extra
  • Amy: Destroys obstacles and enemies while sprinting for extra rings
  • Sticks: No reset of the combo if an enemy or obstacle has been hit

Our recommendation is to be qualified with Knuckles, because with his special blow he can use at any time, you reach quickly high combo numbers, since it directly can kill all enemies within. At the same time you avoid therefore the risk to run against an opponent and thus losing your rings. But Tails is not to be underestimated, because an extra life is always good.

In each run you can take three characters and use them from these saving points up in the memory. So you can start with Sonic, and going on with Knuckles later and Tails later again. Rather pointless we find Sticks, because this is not really useful special ability at Sonic Dash 2.

Using energy streams to pass into the air

From time to time while running in Sonic 2 Dash a blue jump or an item with a blue icon appear in front of you. These you should pick up or necessarily go on it, because with the jump you go on three tracks on which you can slide. Up in the air, there is no danger, so you can make a lot of meters and thereby absorb rings and blue balls.

The same applies to the energy beams (the item that you can hold). So you swing up and must now collect, by moving your device, all possible spheres and rings.