Neon White Souls Cards Cheats


Neon White Souls Cards Cheats


Soul Cards Overview

In Neon White, Soul Cards are the fundamental backbone of the game’s entire gameplay system, serving as a way to take down demons and traverse each level with tremendous amounts of freedom. These Cards turn each stage into a well-crafted playground, making it a genuine joy to try and break in creative and exciting ways.

How To Use Soul Cards

Using Soul Cards is relatively straightforward. Every Card aside from your Katana and Fists utilizes a primary and secondary attack, essentially granting you access to a whole other level of trickery to overcome time trials or challenging enemies. However, each Card has a specific number of uses and rules they follow, meaning you must use them with a level of strategy to avoid wasting them or yourself by making a fatal mistake.

Furthermore, every Soul Card can be discarded by using up all of its primary uses/ammunition or by using the Card’s secondary attack. While the secondary attack is typically much stronger or will allow you to traverse the words via double jumps, air dashes, or ground pounds, you are basically burning the Card to perform said actions, so keep that in mind before using them.

Where To Find Soul Cards

Obtaining Soul Cards are on a stage-by-stage basis, meaning you cannot enter a level with your own deck of Soul Cards and will have to scavenge for them instead. While this may seem like a downside initially, you will quickly realize that every level in Neon White is expertly crafted with specific Cards in mind, which allows you to figure out how to use each Soul Card to the best of your ability.

You will find Soul Cards scattered around the map, hidden inside chests, and even as drops from defeating enemies. Remember that enemies are usually color-coded to let you know which Card they possess ahead of time, allowing you to plan accordingly. Please head to the next section to learn more about Soul Cards, their corresponding colors, and more!

Every Soul Card

Soul Cards are the bread and butter of Neon White’s gameplay, offering a unique twist to its combat system. While Soul Cards are stage-specific, knowing what they do and how to use them advantageously to clear stages faster, obtain secrets, and climb to the top of the leaderboards is essential.

Below is the complete list of Soul Cards available in Neon White, along with their primary and secondary attacks, how much ammunition they have, and their damage output. Learning what each Card is capable of can open the door for new routes you may otherwise have thought impossible!


Card Name Card Color Primary Attack Ammo Count Attack Damage Secondary Attack Attack Damage
Katata Grey Swing your Katana horizontally.

Can ricochet projectiles back at enemies, gaining a speed boost as a result.

x30 +1 N/A N/A
Fists Grey Strike the enemy with punches.

Becomes available when using all thirty swings of your Katana. If you use all ten punches, you immediately die.

x10 +1 N/A N/A
Purify Purple A fully automatic machine gun with decent accuracy at range. x35 +1 Launch a grenade that sticks to surfaces and enemies.

Can be used to clear large groups of enemies or reach new areas.

Elevate Yellow A semi-automatic sidearm that’s excellent for taking down solo targets. x9 +1 Boosts you into the air vertically, acting as a double jump if you’re already airborne. N/A
Godspeed Blue A rifle that fires a devastating round with great precision. x4 +3 Launches you forward with tremendous force.

Allows you to break through barriers, slice through enemies, and clear large gaps.

Stomp Green An Uzi SMG that fires an onslaught of bullets in the blink of an eye. x30 +1 Violently slam into the ground below you.

Allows you to slam through barriers and create a shockwave on impact, damaging anything caught in it.

Dominion Teal An RPG that launches a rocket ahead that explodes on impact. x4 +8 A grappling hook that can attach to surfaces and enemies, allowing you to reach new heights and areas. +2
Fireball Red A shotgun that shoots a spread of twelve pellets forward. x4 +1 per pellet You gain an air dash that you can aim before executing, allowing you to change your trajectory or reach new areas. N/A