Tetraminos Cheats and Tips


Tetraminos Cheats and Tips



The game basically plays like Tetris, even though the game itself is not allowed to say so. However, unlike Tetris, there are additional pieces that you can play with in the game. All of the pieces in the game are displayed in the following image:


Tetraminos Pieces

Note that every piece you see in the picture above, except the + shaped piece, appear in all three game modes, which does actually make the game much easier than Tetris. The + shaped piece only appears in Endless mode.

Gameplay advice is simple, leave 1 column free for when the 1×4 piece appears, and get as many Tetris (or 4-line combos, as the game calls them) as possible.

When the speed gets to its maximum, which is 10x the starting speed, you will find it hard to get the pieces to the left and right sides of the gameplay area quick enough, so at that point, it’s best to try and build lines no higher than 6 rows from the bottom of the play area.