Fire Emblem Engage Cheats and Tips


Fire Emblem Engage Cheats and Tips


How to Use Emblem Rings

A new feature in Fire Emblem Engage comes in the form of Emblem Rings. Select a unit to equip the Emblem Ring to. When equipped with the Emblem Ring, your unit’s Combat Stats and Basic Stats are increased. Your unit also acquires special skills while synced with the Emblem Ring.

When synced, the Emblem hero appears to fight alongside your unit.

How to Engage

While synced, a circular Engage Meter featuring an icon of the Emblem appears around your unit. This meter gradually fills up during the course of the battle. Once filled up, you can Engage with your Emblem by selecting Engage and pressing A.

Engaging makes your unit temporarily fuse with the Emblem, unlocking unique Engage Skills, Engage Weapons, and Engage Attacks for your unit. Since each unit comes with different type advantages and disadvantages, you can find the strategic combination of unit and Emblem in order to maximize the use of the Engage mechanic.

Should You Optimize?

Optimize is a feature that allows you to automatically select the best abilities, equipment, and combat arts/magic for your character. Optimize allows players to fine-tune their party without having to give as much careful thought and consideration to their character and loadout builds.

It’s recommdended to Optimize if you don’t want to spend too much time building out your units.

Unit Types Explained

Unit Type Effect
Armored ・Nullifies Break regardless of weapon type.
Backup ・Automatically performs a follow up attack when a nearby ally unit attacks a enemy unit within attack range.
Cavalry ・Increased movement.
Covert ・Doubles Terrain Bonuses.
・Increases chances for enemy to miss.
Dragon ・Adds bonus effects to Engage Skills and Engage Attacks.
Flying ・Unaffected by terrain restrictions (bushes, sandboxes, rivers, etc.)
・Receives bonus damage from Bows and other weapons with advantages over Flying units.
Mystical ・Negates enemies’ Terrain Bonuses when attacking with magic.
Qi Adept ・Uses Chain Guard to protect adjacent allies from taking any damage (only when Qi Adept unit’s HP is full).

There are eight Unit Types in Fire Emblem Engage. Unit Types give units special abilities and bonuses. You can view your selected unit’s type on the bottom left corner of the battle screen. Make sure to utilize the type’s unique abilities and bonuses in order to defeat enemies more efficiently.

Break Status Explained

When landing an attack with a weapon that has an advantage over the enemy unit, you have a chance to inflict the Break status on them. A unit inflicted with the Break status is unable to counterattack until after their next attack turn.