CarX Street Cheats and Tips


CarX Street Cheats and Tips


CarX Street is a sport and simulation-based car race video game. A few tips and tricks from this CarX Street Beginners Guide regarding the game, which can help the player to play better are:

  • Get grip on navigation and steering because that will help you win better
  • After playing the game, change the buttons as per your comfort.
  • Participate in as many sprints as possible because the rewards will help in improving the game.
  • Join clubs and try to perform better for better access to elite game features.
  • Purchase as many houses as possible so that the travel time will be less and we can store more cars.
  • Keep upgrading the cars for the proper functioning of the car.
  • Explore the city to see where your house purchases are worth the value.


Introduction to basics of CarX Street

Navigation and steering basics are the basics of how to handle the car in the game during races or general driving. There are two basic settings for navigation and steering controls. They are:


In this setting, the player can handle the navigation and steering of the car using buttons on the screen. The default settings place the buttons on the screen in a particular manner. On the left bottom, the players can see left and right buttons which can make the car drive left or right.

On the right bottom of the screen, there are four sets of buttons adjacent to each other. One set of buttons is used for forward driving and acceleration and the other set of buttons is used for reverse driving and accelerated reverse driving. Along with these buttons, there are two additional buttons for a power boost and break.


In this setting, the player can handle the navigation and steering of the car using buttons on the screen. It is pretty much the same as the button setting, except for the left and right turn usage. In this accelerometer setting, the player has to rotate the phone left or right to turn in the respective direction.

This is a gyroscopic navigation setting. The position of the buttons is placed in the default settings, but the player can adjust the position of the buttons according to their comfort in the settings.

Understanding the Map

The map, race field, and main page are oriented in such a way that they are interlinked and the player can go from one section of the game to another easily. The main three sections of the game include the map, racing or driving zone and stats, and settings section. The map in the game shows the position of the player on the map and where all the other features and amenities of the game are located. A few main elements of the map are:



The houses/settlements are indicated by the house icon on the map. These show the location of various houses or settlements all over the map. The player can see their owned and purchased properties on the map and other properties are shown in white color. The player can tap on each settlement to see the price, garage capacity, location of the house, and fast travel charges.

The main purpose of purchasing houses is to store the purchased cars. The garage capacity can be increased using the reward money. If the player has multiple houses all over the region, the charges on fast travel are reduced or removed, which will save a lot of traveling time.


Sprints are racing competitions. They are placed all over the map. It is represented by a purple icon with a drifting car in it. Sprints have a number of players and the reward money awarded is based on the rank of the finishing position. The position of the class is based on the finishing time. Upon clicking the icon the player can see information about finishing times and their respective reward money and the length and span of the racing track. Even if the player exceeds the time limits, he/she is given essential reward money.