Forspoken Cheats and Tips


Forspoken Cheats and Tips


Recover health using healing potions.

The game will end when Frey’s health is reduced to zero so always be ready with healing potions during battle. Use the directional pad to consume a potion from your inventory.

Collect resources while exploring.

Various resources can be gathered while journeying through Athia. These materials can be used to craft potions, Nail Designs, and even upgrade Frey’s Gear (Cloaks and Necklaces) so be sure to scour your surroundings for any resource gathering points. Some materials can also be obtained from defeating enemies.

Interact with Founts of Blessing.

Founts of Blessing can be found all throughout Athia which allow Frey to learn new magic upon touching them.






Set up camp to take a break or rest.

You can set up camp using clean wood by pressing the directional pad while out in the field. Doing so lets Frey rest and recover health. Note that you will not be able to camp when there are enemies nearby.

Craft and upgrade equipment at a Pilgrim’s Refuge.

A Pilgrim’s Refuge is a safe zone where Frey can craft items or upgrade her Gear using materials gathered in the field. Enemies do not appear in these locations so feel free to make a stop at one to take a break.

Upon discovering a Refuge, it will be marked on your map for fast traveling.

You will take impact damage if you fall from a great height.

Falling from a high place will cause Frey to suffer massive damage if she does not have enough stamina to use Magic Parkour. Always keep an eye on your stamina while traversing the vast terrain of Athia to avoid this.

Exploration Rewards

As you explore Athia, you will unlock special exploration objectives that allow you to earn useful rewards. Take the time to cover as much ground as you can using Frey’s abilities so you do not miss out on these optional events.

Touch Tantas Monuments to enhance Frey’s parameters.

Tantas Monuments are sacred stones where the Tanta had sealed their power. Found all around Athia, Frey can use magic to remove a monument’s seal and interact with them to enhance her different parameters like health, defense, and stamina.

Be wary of Nightmares found in areas shrouded with miasma.

Powerful enemies called Nightmares are encountered by moving towards areas filled with miasma. If you do not feel confident that you can take Nightmares on, just avoid the mist-covered areas until you are strong enough.

Upgrade magic through Spellcraft Challenges.

You can enhance Frey’s magic (Red and Purple) by completing Spellcraft Challenges which are unlocked by collecting ancient documents throughout the game. To view all active challenges, open the Magic menu.