Warlander Cheats and Tips


Warlander Cheats and Tips



Learn the Map

Learning the map is vital in any game, be it Escape from Tarkov or Stardew Valley. You might think I’m joking about the latter but when you’re about to hit that 2:00 AM and you need to get to bed asap you will have to know which route is shorter from the mines to your house.

The game has a minimap that you can always see on the upper right, and even while playing the game for long periods of time you’ll passively learn the maps so it’s good to keep that in mind.

Play the Objectives

When you play the game, each squad will have an objective. You need to do these objectives for the team to win, you can’t just go around doing your own thing. This is a team game and not being a team player will just make things worse for you and the team.


When you can, don’t go head-on but instead flank the enemy. This goes well if you know the map and know all of the good flanking routes the map has. This will lead you to the squishier players like mages that can be a detriment to your team until you defeat them.

Use your Abilities

Don’t just go around and doing your normal attack, you have abilities for a reason! You can customize these abilities to what you want and can be the thing between life or death in the battlefield. Know what the different abilities do and use them to their full extent.

Building Characters

Remember that when building characters in the game is that you shouldn’t focus on characters with titles. That’s because at the start of the game you can only spawn in characters with no titles so keep an eye on your no-title characters as well since it might take a while before you get your title characters in a battle.