Dead Space Remake Cheats and Tips


Dead Space Remake Cheats and Tips


Check every direction the second a Necromorph appears

Dead Space loves attacking you from behind. Especially in the early half of the game. When a Necromorph pops out of a vent in front of you, you can almost always guarantee another’s done the same behind you. Get into the habit of checking every direction the second you hear bad noises to see what directions you need to worry about. If you get jumped and don’t have time, kill the immediate threat and just assume there’s one behind you as well. You’ll rarely be wrong. 

Don’t worry about locked doors and lockers, you’ll do a lot of backtracking

It’s tempting to go off looking for keys or a way to open the various Dead Space Security Clearance doors and lockers you’ll find. Don’t sweat it too much though, as the game is fairly linear and you’ll be backtracking a lot through areas with increasing access to the various things you can’t open. It’s more about making sure you have resources to pick up the second or third time you pass through an area than giving you a challenge or puzzle to solve. That’s especially true of the Dead Space crew rigs and Master Override side mission that gets you a final security level. Just remember to look out for any locked things you can later open when you revisit places. 

Don’t worry too much about buying ammo or supplies  – you usually get enough and it’s better to sell extras

As you play you might be tempted to stock up on loads of ammo for all the Dead Space Weapons. Don’t. You’ll rarely find yourself running short as there are plentiful supplies to loot and most enemies drop something when  you kill them. A far more useful tactic is to transfer any excess when you have it to storage in case you need it later. Or, more usefully, sell it later when you need spare change for an upgrade or the power nodes you use to unlock new abilities. Same goes for things like Statis batteries, O2 cylinders and so on – treat it like cash and store it all until you need to sell it.

Don’t put all your upgrades into one or two guns, spread them out so you have options

It’s tempting to try and fully upgrade a favorite gun, but try to spread the love around as ammo availability can vary over the course of the game. Because of that you want at least a few viable options so have something to fall back on if you run out. Whatever you go for damage is always a priority, scooping up any useful and relevant extras like ammo capacity or reload speed along the way. 

Stamp on anything you kill to get supplies

Every enemy you kill will usually drop some supplies if you stomp them once they’re dead, if they don’t pop something out in the process of you killing them to death with extreme prejudice. Always do a quick recce of the battlefield after a fight to make sure you’ve got everything that could have been dropped.