Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Cheats and Tips


Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Cheats and Tips



Get To Know Each Weapon

What makes Raiden 4 tick is its satisfyingly destructive combat. Complementing the chaos is a bunch of weapons that fundamentally change the way you play the game. Understanding each weapon is vital to success, and picking up the wrong weapon at the wrong time could have dire consequences. Don’t forget that picking up multiple weapon orbs of the same colour will power up your weapon.

Nabbing a red orb will unlock the Vulcan Cannon which delivers a low damage burst of lead that has a wide spread. This makes it ideal for taking out popcorn enemies, and weaker mooks. The Ion Laser fires a thin beam of energy that deals huge amounts of damage. This makes it ideal for killing bosses, but you are going to struggle to manage the swarm during regular gameplay. Finally, the Proton Laser, affectionately known as the Toothpaste Laser, locks onto an enemy and chains to nearby foes for continuous, but low, damage. A nice in-between. There is no best weapon, but the Vulcan Cannon is a fantastic place to start.

Find A Mode That Suits You

One of the benefits of this re-release is that Raiden 4 x Mikado Remix is the culmination of several reworks to the core game. The base game came out in 2007, so 14 years has granted players quite the selection when it comes to modes. You have Overkill, Arcade and Additional, in addition to Boss Rush and Score Attack. What you pick will drastically alter your gameplay experience, and again, experimenting with the various modes on offer and finding the one that clicks, will go a long way to understanding Raiden.

Arcade Mode is the original game from 2007. This mode is actually split into two separate modes, Light and Original. Light is a dialled back variant for new players, whilst Original is a bit longer and ramps up the challenge. Overkill Mode adds in two extra stages and completely revamps the scoring system. It’s a bit more complex than Arcade, but that complexity hides depth. Additional Mode is Arcade Mode again, but it comes with all the bonus stages included in Overkill Mode. Arcade Light is a great place to start, but every mode here is fantastic and worth a dabble.

Nail Your Ship

On the surface, the ship you pick might just seem like a skin swap. This is far from the truth, however, and a little bit of messing around will reveal that each of Raiden 4’s ships come with a unique set of abilities that, along with everything else, can change the game and how you play it. Raiden 4 is nothing, if not varied.

Your standard rig, the Fighting Thunder ME-02 is the perfect starter craft. Everything about it is balanced. It will do decent damage, its Vulcan spread is extra wide, and it moves at a respectable speed. Its bomb is also instant, giving you a fantastic “get out of jail free”. If the standard is not your cup of tea, then the iconic Raiden MK-2 could be for you. Sporting higher damage than the Fighting Thunder ME-02 at the cost of speed, the Raiden MK-2 is all about killing things quickly so you don’t have to dodge as much. The biggest change, however, is its bomb. In exchange for higher damage, the Raiden MK-2’s bomb is delayed, meaning if you get in a bind, you are probably going to die. Finally, the Fairy. The Fairy is nothing like the other ships. A smaller hitbox, radically changed weapon properties (not just damage), and lightning-fast movement, the Fairy is for those seeking a challenge. Her bomb is once again changed, and like the Raiden MK-2, it isn’t going to save you if you get caught in a pickle.