SEASON: A letter to the future Cheats and Tips


SEASON: A letter to the future Cheats and Tips


Slow Down And Wander

This may seem obvious, but Season: A Letter to the Future is all about slowing down and enjoying the ride. There is so much to see and do, and at times, you may become focused on a goal. For example, when you first leave Caro Village, there will be a path that you follow, eventually taking you to the entrance of Tieng Valley.

You can hone in on this path and ride straight there, or you can look at what’s around you. Who knows, maybe you will learn about a little piece of lore when you stray off the path. Your bike ride may feel long at times, but this is all part of the experience.

Recording Sounds

Season: A Letter to the Future emphasizes taking pictures and recording the world around you. At times, you may forget about recording audio and instead focus on taking pictures. Audio recordings can provide interesting information though. For example, many times throughout the game, you will come across a purplish flower accompanied by garbled voices.

It’s hard to hear these voices, but if you point your audio recorder at a flower, then the main voice will become clear, and you will learn a bit of information. This can then be placed in your journal on a relevant page, allowing you to listen back whenever you want. Don’t forget to whip out that recorder whenever you see a flower and hear voices!

Take Plenty Of Pictures

Chances are, you will take a lot of pictures. Whenever you see something (or someone) new, you will more than likely snap a pic, and this is highly encouraged! Some NPCs might even want to exchange pictures with you. If you don’t take enough pictures, then you may struggle to show them something.

If you come to a new location, remember: when in doubt, take a picture.

For example, after helping out Matyora, she will tell you to show her pictures from around the valley. When showing a picture, she will tell you a little about it; if you have taken pictures of a lot of things, then you have plenty to show Matyora. This is optional, but it’s nice to talk with the NPCs in the valley and learn about where you are; that’s the point of the game, after all!

Decorating Your Journal

Your journal tracks all the information that you have gathered on your journey. Each time you explore something new, a new page will appear. Some of these pages will have set images/objects that need to be added, addressing a question, but most pages let you freely place anything that you want.

From the index of your journal, you can see each page listed. If there is a black dot next to the title of the page, then you have ‘completed’ that page. This means that you have placed enough stuff to prompt a bit of explanation or exposition on what the page is about. With a black dot, you also have access to stickers that can be placed.

Overall, aim for filling in each page to get the black dot. If the page lets you place it freely, then all you need to do is place some pictures, quotes, and audio. Don’t forget to place your stickers after completing the page! It’s very satisfying to flip through a filled-up journal once you reach the end of the game.