OddBallers Cheats and Tips


OddBallers Cheats and Tips


Pay Attention To The Arena

One big factor that shapes the gameplay of OddBallers is the arena. With over twenty unique ones to choose from, each game ends up being its own unique affair. Some arenas are littered with explosive obstacles, while others feature differently shaped boundaries that change the path of rebounds. Each arena will have its own set of challenges and benefits.

Players looking to get the most out of the game should pay close attention to all of the details in each arena, as many small elements can come in handy. Obstacles can be grabbed and used to block shots, turnips can be pulled up to be used as dodgeballs, and explosives can be targeted to hit nearby players.

Focus On The Objective

Though most games will focus on the classic last-man-standing formula, many other minigames will have different objectives tied in. Players will sometimes be divided into teams to see who can play a French horn the longest or will have to unite against a common NPC enemy. Each style of minigame will have its own unique elements thrown in.

Players who can meet these objectives tactically will see the most success. In team-based games, it’s often easiest to have one person nominated to meet the goal, while the others focus on defending them from the other team. Whatever tactic players choose, it should be with the objective clearly in mind.

Don’t Get Cornered

True in real life dodgeball as it is in OddBallers, players should do everything they can to avoid getting cornered. Whether it’s movable objects or other players that are blocking them in, it’s a good idea to shift these obstacles away.

Keeping some extra space around themselves will also allow players to dodge and dive more freely, increasing their chances of evading a hit. Health is limited to only a couple of hits, so it’s important to minimize any chance of getting caught out.

Watch Out For Ricochets

The boundaries of the arena can simultaneously be a player’s best friend or worst nightmare depending on how they are used. Any ball or object thrown will ricochet off the boundary, and it will still count as a hit. Not all arenas have the same boundary shape either, so players should make note of how each type rebounds.

Boundary ricochets can be used to a player’s advantage if throws are aimed carefully to hit nearby opponents. This can be especially useful if opponents have obstacles in front of them or are preoccupied only with shots aimed directly at them.

Catch Enemy Throws

One key strategy to level up OddBallers gameplay is to catch any balls that enemies have thrown. Catching a throw before it rebounds will make the player’s own throw extra powerful. Extra powerful throws are faster, go further, and can do more damage than regular throws.

Catching an opponent’s throw requires good timing and a keen attention to the field of play. Anything that can be used as a ball can be caught, so this strategy can be used in nearly every arena. It can be especially useful in arenas where there are very few balls to go around.