Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition Cheats and Tips


Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition Cheats and Tips


Use the Printers

Players are going to rely on printers in order to save their game. However, it is not going to be a walk in the park. Firstly, every new printer a player finds will need an Ink Cartridge (which players can buy in shops).

Luckily, once a player has put an Ink Cartridge into a printer, they will only need Witch Paper to use that printer to save the game. Witch Paper can be found by a player exploring through the game and looking in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

Buying Items is Not Always Necessary

A player will encounter many shops as they go throughYuppie Psycho: Executive Edition. It is worth noting that, although these shops are fairly common as a player goes on further, it is not really necessary to buy from them.

Everything that shops have to offer can be found in the world of the game, and the items they sell are not too rare. Of course, if a player is in desperate need of a specific item (such as an Ink Cartridge) it would be worthwhile to buy it. For most situations though, a player can usually find the item around the corner.

Interact With Everything

The main gameplay mechanic of Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition is that a player can interact with almost everything in the game. This means that, of course, a player should do everything they can to interact with everything.

A player never knows if they are going to find their way into a secret room, or find a place to get more items that they were looking for. The game is pretty subtle in terms of telling the player where these hidden items are, so it’s up to them to find all the secrets themselves.

Keep An Eye On The Health Bar

While the main focus of Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition is not in battle, it is worth noting that Brian does have a health bar players have to keep an eye on. It would benefit players to make sure he always has at least a good chunk of health. If Brian’s health is low enough, players will not be able to sprint.

This is a dangerous situation, as Brian does not have the ability to fight off any enemies — he can only run. This means that keeping Brian’s health high is going to be just a little bit important. A player does not want to get caught in a situation where they need to run, but their health is too low. Of course, having low health comes with other downsides — if Brian’s health is low, it will be easier for unexpected enemies to kill him. Luckily, healing items can be found all throughout the world if a player takes some time to get a look.

Saves Are Limited

Although a player only has to worry about putting Ink Cartridges into new printers once, it is worth noting that a player can only save when they have Witch Paper in their inventory. Of course, there is a finite amount of Witch Paper in the game.

While a player should not use their Witch Paper on a whim, it would also harm them to hog all the Witch Paper to themselves. Basically, players should save after finishing a tough puzzle, when they’re about to enter a new area, or if they have just found a bunch of items.