Risen Cheats and Tips


Risen Cheats and Tips


Search Everywhere You Can

While exploration and foraging are the main focus of any open-world game, it becomes even more important when it comes to Risen. Many items are scattered across the map that can be easily missed since they don’t have any glow on them. You need to pay attention and get close to anything that stands out to see if you can pick it up.

Try to look for items that have a contrasting color with their surroundings. It’s not a necessity that you’ll be able to pick them up, but it’s better to be thorough if you don’t want to regret it later.

Moreover, you’ll find many scattered houses and ruins in every area. These places usually contain one or more chests that can give you gold and many other items. Some of these chests will be locked with a key, but you can usually find those keys around the same place. If the key isn’t there, you can use a lock pick to open them.

Although, your character won’t know how to pick locks at the start. You can learn this skill in the area controlled by Don. This area will also teach you many other things like hunting and using a bow. You can increase many stats like strength in this area as well.

Don’t Keep Your Weapon Out When Not Needed

It’s also important to know that having your weapon in your hand isn’t always a good idea. When you get a weapon, you can head over to your inventory and click on it to equip it in the first slot. Pressing the button for this slot will lead to an animation of your character pulling out the weapon.

Of course, it’s necessary to draw your weapon and shield when you’re in battle, but it’s also important to put it back as soon as you’re done. This is because you won’t be able to interact with anything when the weapon is in your hands. This includes random items around the area, mobs that you defeated, and even NPCs that were killed.

It’s already hard to figure out which item can be picked up, and it’ll become even harder when you won’t get the prompt as you get close since it’ll make you think that it’s not interactable.

Although, this mechanic doesn’t work in the same way when it comes to torches. This is another item that is equipped in your hands, but your character can still interact with everything with a torch. Moreover, you have to drop the torch on the ground if you want to pull out any weapon as well.

Beware Of Traps In Caves

When it comes to medieval open-world games, underground ruins and caves are arguably the most fun part of the exploration. This is because of the dangerous environment portrayed in these areas, and the caves in Risen are no different. Be ready to fight hordes of enemies whenever you enter a cave in this game.

There are also other dangers that you have to look out for. For example, some caves have tiles that look just a little different from its surrounding, but these tiles will open up, forcing you to fall. In the first cave, you’ll only find a Grave Moth waiting for you down below, but it can be lethal if you fall into these traps late game.

The best way to avoid these traps is by using a torch at all times and walking through the cave slowly. If you feel like anything around you is suspicious, get your weapons ready for battle.