Wanted: Dead Cheats and Tips


Wanted: Dead Cheats and Tips


The Difficulties

Players can choose between Normal and Hard modes at the start, but will eventually unlock Japanese Hard as a third option. Wanted: Dead is not a game for casual fans of action games. It can be as brutal as the Ninja Gaiden series that was rebooted on the original Xbox.

There is no Casual mode, nor are there any assist features to give beginners a leg up. Checkpoints are also few and far between, so, before picking this game up it’s best for players to know what they are in for.

Skills To Unlock Fast

Once certain skills are unlocked, the game will at least become more manageable. All players have to do is make it through the first stage and unlock these skills as they go. The first non-mandatory skill to unlock should be the grenade. After that, it’s important to increase armor defenses as well as increase the amount and effectiveness of healing items.

Finally, players should prioritize unlocking Severed Arm Finishing Strike, which will help eliminate enemies faster once they lose an arm. There are other good skills to unlock after this that are standard in most action games such as better counter maneuvers but players should first focus on the oneslisted above.

When To Shoot And When To Slice

The first stage is the hardest because there are a lot of gun users involved. In situations where most enemies have guns, it’s important to use cover. The cover system is not precise, so players will have to get used to it until it hopefully gets patched.





In other stages, there will be a better balance between enemies with guns and enemies with melee weapons. If a group of six only has two gun users, for example, players should make a beeline for them with the sword. Eliminating ranged enemies first is a good tip for any action game and not just Wanted: Dead.

Customizing Your Weapon

It’s hard to tell when checkpoints rise up unless players die. If they do, then players will know checkpoints occur at bosses and whenever Vivian’s drone appears. This drone allows players to customize their rifle and their pistol with parts unlocked through each stage.

When upgrading weapons, it’s important to always go for accuracy. Weapon handling can be crucial as well, but accuracy is the best thing to focus on. That’s because the shooting segments need some work as well as the aforementioned cover system.

Look Out For Sub-Weapons

Hannah’s rifle and pistol will not be her only ranged weapons in levels. Enemies will drop sub-weapons that either run out of gas, like the chainsaw, or out of ammo like the grenade launcher. These sub-weapons will also be lost after completing the stage.

Usually, sub-weapons appear in areas with a boss or mini-boss, or in a room filled with enemies, so players should be on the lookout for them. These rooms often have red tanks around as well. Shooting those will cause them to explode. which shouldn’t be news for anyone that has played a shooter before.