Wild Hearts Cheats and Tips


Wild Hearts Cheats and Tips


Scavenge For Food

Eating food is one of the most important things you can do to stay alive during a hunt. Many of the Kemono in Wild Hearts have high-damage attacks, which can knock you out in just a few hits if you aren’t careful. To prevent this, search around the map for some food, preferably ones that can boost your health and defense.

As you progress through the game, you will reach new areas, which means new food. Plus, you’ll eventually gain the ability to cook and cure your food, increasing the bonuses they provide. Always remember to look for new food when you reach a new location, and always eat before fighting a Kemono.

Develop The Land

In Wild Hearts, the world is your playground. Using Dragon Karakuri, you can create a number of useful facilities around the world, like camps that you can fast travel to, zip lines that will help you move quickly around the map, a radar to locate Kemono easier, and even crafting stations for upgrading and forging new equipment.

By developing the map, you can turn a hunt in your favor before it’s even begun. Make new campsites near the hunt location for a quick way back if you fall in battle, or create wind machines to carry you up cliffs with ease.

However, in order to construct these Karakuri, you will first need to find and upgrade the Dragon Veins throughout the map. By upgrading these, you can increase the capacity to create Karakuri of each element. If you have no stock of that element left, you won’t be able to make more. In this case, run around the map, find crystals, and upgrade your Dragon Veins to construct additional Karakuri.

Stay On Top Of Upgrades

As you fight new Kemono, you will gain access to new weapons and armor sets. Typically, as you progress, these armor sets will only get stronger as their defense stats increase. Because of this, you’ll want to always be crafting new armor sets when you can, as the Kemono you face later will deal more and more damage with their attacks.

Similarly, upgrading your weapon is essential for hunting a Kemono before it hunts you. Each of the eight weapons in Wild Hearts has several upgrade paths, so you’ll want to constantly be crafting new weapons through the different paths for different bonuses and elemental stats.

Additionally, some armor sets have the option to upgrade into Human-path or Kemono-path, increasing their stats slightly and increasing your overall Human or Kemono points. At certain thresholds of these points, the armor’s greyed-out skills that may be present will unlock. If you have the materials, these upgrades are definitely worth it.

Utilize Karakuri

Karakuri are handy tools that will aid you immensely on your hunts. By conjuring Karakuri, you can make crates to jump off of, gliders to fly you to safety, torches to light your weapon on fire, and many more through the various fusion Karakuri, like the crossbow or healing mist.

By hunting Kemono and earning Kemono Orbs, you can upgrade the effectiveness of your Karakuri and even unlock new ones.

Each Kemono also has particular weaknesses to certain Karakuri. For example, Kingtusk is especially weak to the Bulwark fusion Karakuri which stops its charge attacks in its tracks and flings the Kemono into the air. Determine each Kemono’s weakness, and equip your Karakuri accordingly for each battle.