Blanc Cheats and Tips


Blanc Cheats and Tips


Adjust The Number Of Tips You Receive

Before you begin the game, you can head into the Display settings to change the number of tips you receive on screen. The default setting is All, so you can walk through the landscape with helpful tips and guidance.

However, if you want to have a slightly more challenging experience, and really see how well you and your second player can communicate with each other, you can change this to Reduced or Minimalist. There’s also a Photo Mode setting that removes these tips altogether — perfect for taking photos of the beautiful hand-drawn landscapes.

Don’t Rush Ahead

As there are two characters to control, your viewpoint will adjust depending on where both characters are. If you stray further away from the other character and go on ahead, the screen will zoom out to keep both characters in view. However, this makes traversing the landscape more difficult, especially if the character left behind gets stuck.

If one character goes too far ahead, it quickly becomes disorienting, so make sure you keep the two characters within close range wherever possible. When a character does get stuck, try walking back to where they are to give a better view of the area.

Follow The Trail

Blanc allows you to explore the wintry landscape around you, but there is a linear path for you to follow and progress to the upcoming areas. In some areas, it can be difficult to know which way to go, especially when everything is covered in snow.

However, there is one tell you can look for: the trail. If you spot a trail that’s been trodden in the snow, this is usually the path you’ll need to take. Follow these trails, and you’ll be golden.

Sometimes, there may be more than one pathway trodden into the snow, going in different directions. The areas aren’t too large though, so you can try both without losing much time.

Use Each Other’s Strengths

One of the main messages of Blanc is that we all need someone to help each other sometimes, and that comes through in its gameplay. Both the wolf cub and the deer have individual strengths that you can use throughout. For example, the wolf cub is smaller, so it can climb into tight spaces, and the deer has longer legs, so it can jump higher.

If you become stuck in a particular area, have a look around and see if you can make use of these individual strengths. This is also helpful in areas where the deer and the wolf cub end up on separate paths, and you have to play around with the landscape to make sure your animal friend can keep up with you.