Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Last Call Cheats


Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Last Call Cheats


General Tips

  • If you see an orange symbol, it denotes items you can interact with. Some you can pick up and move. Others you can pick up and put in your pouch, or on your holsters. You can strap two blasters to your belt to use during the game.
  • If you find that you can’t reach buttons or levers in the game, try adjusting your height up or down in the Settings Menu.
  • If you feel your controller buzzing, check your hands for instructions.
  • Wondering what to do next? Look through the Pause Menu for additional missions, challenges, and information.
  • You can find and collect items in the Wilds and turn them into Mubo for credits.
  • You can revisit places you’ve already been using the Fast Travel menu.
  • Remember: Blasters are disposable. You can always pick up a new one when you defeat an enemy.

Gear Tips

  • If you need help navigating the experience, don’t forget to push the locator button on your all-grip gauntlet (located on your wrist).
  • If you find it difficult to interact with the items on your vest, visit your settings to try adjusting it forward or backward with the torso slider. You may also try selecting the “show” or “not show” option for your torso.
  • Don’t forget to keep your All-Kit tool (a.k.a. “multitool”) handy – you can tuck it into your inventory for safekeeping.
  • After you defeat an enemy, you can pick up their weapons. If you don’t have a weapon, use your hands to melee enemies. Then, grab their blaster!
  • You can use your hoverpack to gain access to new paths and reach higher enemies.
  • You can scan certain characters and items that you find in the Wilds.

Health Tips

  • Your health meter is on your wrist display. If your health meter starts beeping, you’ll want to use a Bacta Spray to heal.
  • Bacta Spray comes in handy two-dose containers and will get you up to full health in no time!
  • You can stash Bacta Spray on your wrists for easy access in battle. You can put more into your pouch to keep for later.
  • Terateak pods have healing properties. Grab one and hold it up to your mouth to eat it
  • To-go drinks will boost health!

Combat Tips

  • Feel like you’re always taking blaster fire? Keep moving and duck behind crates and rocks.
  • Try out the various blasters to see which matches your playstyle.
  • You can target enemies with your blaster or with your hands.
  • All weapons have limited charge and will eventually run out of ammo.
  • Don’t forget to vent your blasters when they overheat!
  • Use the training remotes you’ll find in the wilds to help you survive tough combat.
  • Remote droids and thermal detonators can be clipped to your belt for easy access or dropped into your pouch to keep for later.
  • Use your hoverpack to gain an advantage in combat.
  • Surprise enemies by hovering up to get the drop on them.
  • You can hover to higher ground or new vantage points.