Clive ‘N’ Wrench Bunny I Shrunk the Chimp Collectible Cheats


Clive ‘N’ Wrench Bunny, I Shrunk the Chimp Collectible Cheats


  1. Ancient Stone 1 (Maybe the first, certainly not the last): start of the level, right side.
  2. Ancient Stone 2 (Has your mother sold her mangle?): start of the level, left side. :r1: on the switch to turn off the washing machine and reveal the Ancient Stone.
  3. Bee 1: from collectible two, climb the mop handle inside the bucket and make your way to the pizza box. From here, you can reach the bee by crouch-jumping, followed by a double jump and glide to the next set of platforms.
  4. Bee 2: get atop the table and you’ll find this bee across from it, on a shelf above some card boxes.
  5. Key 1: from Bee 2, jump back to the table, but this time jump towards the cupboard with the microwave oven. From here, press the switch to drop the bowling ball which will break the air vent hatch open and reveal the Key.
  6. Bee 3: from the microwave, crouch-jump to reach a shelf above and get to Bee 3.
  7. Key 2: from Bee 3, you should see this hovering over the ceiling fan. You need to time your jump to safely land on the spinning fans and grab it.
  8. Ancient Stone 3 (The Maillard reaction): from the ceiling fans, drop down to the toaster and press :triangle: to pop the toast and reveal this Ancient Stone.

  9. Bee 4: head inside the air vent where Key 1 was. Continue on and you’ll walk into it.
  10. Ancient Stone 4 (Sofa, so good): when you reach the living room, by the checkpoint near the door leading back to the kitchen.
  11. Safe and Ancient Stone 5 (Safe as houses): opposite the checkpoint, by a power outlet, left of the piece of furniture with the gaming set. Return here when you have all the 5 Keys found in the level.
  12. Key 3: right side of the piece of furniture with the gaming set, behind a second piece of furniture.
  13. Bee 5: behind the TV.
  14. Ancient Stone 6 (Sting operation): awarded for finding all 5 Bees in the level.
  15. Ancient Stone 7 (A web of highs): found on top of the piece of furniture right of the one with the TV.
  16. Key 4: press the switch on one of the couch arms to reveal a secret room inside the air vent. Now return to the air vent and enter the new area. Drop all the way down to find this Key, immediately before the entrance to the bathroom.
  17. Ancient Stone 8 (Gotta catch-a Snatcher!): inside the bathroom, you should notice a small critter running around. Study its route and position yourself in a way that it can run into you. When it does, press :circle: to stop it and obtain this Ancient Stone.
  18. Ancient Stone 9 (Slippery when wet): amidst three robot enemies.
  19. Key 5: inside the shower box, on a shelf with the shampoo. To get to it, you first need to flood the area by interacting with the faucet.
  20. Ancient Stone 10 (The water looks nice, no? Agua fresca!): awarded for finding Nancy. She’s on a shelf left of the shower.
  21. :bronze: Been on the Sauce: step on all the ketchup packets found in this level. Here’s the location to all of them:
    1. Start of the level, behind you.
    2. Under the table.
    3. On the table.
    4. By the pizza box in the living room.
    5. On the couch.