Scars Above Cheats and Tips


Scars Above Cheats and Tips


Three Difficulties, But A Hard Start No Matter What

Players can choose between Rookie, Specialist, and Commander at the start of their journey. Thankfully, these difficulty modes can be changed at any time if players are feeling like the game is too hard or easy. It’s best to start on Rookie because the game reaches Dark Souls levels of a challenge early on.

Players don’t have a lot of healing options, or weaponry to tackle the mass amount of aliens swarming them. After a good arsenal is acquired by the time players hit the first boss, it might be worth trying Specialist to rebalance the difficulty.

Playing With Elements

One of the coolest parts of Scars Above is its weapons. Players can combine elements to create combos that will deal more damage. Players will acquire electric, fire, and ice-based bullets early on, and eventually, an acid mod will be added. Shooting enemies in water with the electric rounds will deal more damage, as one example.

Water will be often the player’s best friend in other ways too. They can shoot a hole in ice water with the fire mod, thus freezing enemies instantly once they fall in. It’s a cool combo system for a sci-fi game that players should experiment with.

How To Heal

This question is often asked of action games right away as it can be frustrating when players can’t heal. Players will begin with one, limited way to heal. They will find a Healing Stimulant, which can be replenished at the pillar checkpoints along with ammo. More Healing Stimulants can be found in Scars Above, thus increasing the player’s inventory for them permanently. They will eventually find a Fiber-based healing aid as well.

Fiber is a material that players collect in the world, and it is part of the Consumables wheel in their inventory. Using a healing salve or the anti-toxin shot will consume Fiber. Fiber will not be replenished at checkpoints, so it shouldn’t be used as wildly unlike ammo and Healing Stimulants.

Tinkering With Gadgets

The other part of the non-weapon wheel, aside from Consumables, is the Gadgets. Players will first unlock the Protective Barrier, which increases Kate’s defenses for a short period. Gadgets run on battery power that can be recharged at checkpoints.

For early encounters, it is best to switch that Protective Barrier on until players can heal more frequently. Another great Gadget can be unlocked later that will act as a hologram decoy. Players can lure aliens to destructible things in the environment to finish them off quickly. Again, as a shooter, this game keeps the experimentation with combat interesting.


This game has RPG elements such as leveling up to get ability points that players can then spend on Kate to get new skills. How players level up is different from most RPGs. Defeating aliens will not net players with experience points. Levels are instead gained through Knowledge that is earned by scanning things in the environment as well as new alien discoveries.

There is a set amount of Knowledge in the game, meaning that if players miss a single scan, it could be detrimental. The same is true for unlocking new gear as backtracking isn’t that big in the game. So, explore every nook and cranny like your life depended on it because, in Scars Above, it kind of does.