The Pale Beyond Cheats


The Pale Beyond Cheats


Stockpile Straight Away

Once the food on board a ship runs out, the crew relies entirely on hunting for meals and fuel, which rarely works out as expected. Once Winter sets in, hunting becomes almost impossible. The longer players can survive on the food stockpile from the ship’s supplies, the better their chance of keeping everyone alive. At a certain point, the food on board will no longer be accessible, so begin to stockpile early and often.

Loyalty Is More Important Than Friendship

The crew’s loyalty is essential to survive 38 weeks trapped in the ice waiting for rescue. Much of the crew’s loyalty can be gained through conversations with them throughout the game. Players might not realize it at first, but every dialogue with their crew members can affect how they perceive the player as a captain and, in turn, their loyalty.

Players are given multiple dialogue options when they talk to their crew, ranging from super friendly to completely rude. It might seem like the obvious choice to be as courteous as possible to win the crew’s favor but be warned that this isn’t always the case.

In a life-or-death situation, many crew members prefer a captain who tells it like it is and will respect them more if they do so. Of course, some characters like being reassured that everything will be fine, but it’s the player’s job as captain to work out the different personalities on board and talk to them accordingly.

It’s Not Possible To Agree To Every Crew Request

The captain will need to take requests from their crew every week. These can be as varied as asking for extra rations to throw a party or even a crew member asking to keep his personal firearm with him. Like most things in this game, players must say no to some of these requests.

Everything in this game is a case of actions and reactions. Whatever players decide, they must be prepared to face the consequences, either immediately or later on. Agreeing to every request might seem logical, but often saying yes will cause more harm than good in the long run.

Constantly Monitor Morale

The game has three gauges that must be constantly monitored: heat, food, and morale. While running low on fuel and food doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the line, the game is over instantly if the crews’ morale hits zero. At the end of each week, ensure there is enough morale left, and always look for ways to increase it.

The other thing to remember is that the individual loyalty of crew members is linked to morale. Often doing something to upset crew members reduces their loyalty and overall morale, and vice versa. That’s why it’s essential to get to know each member of the crew’s personality and avoid getting on their wrong sides.