Little Witch Nobeta Combat Cheats


Little Witch Nobeta Combat Cheats



Attack Magic

As a little witch, you have several offensive spells at your disposal. Nobeta has access to both ranged and melee attacks though her main damage output will come from her spells. There are four types of attack magic in the game (Arcane, Ice, Fire, and Lightning) and Nobeta will be able to switch between those spells anytime, even during mid-combat. Your Mana and Intelligence stats work hand-in-hand by increasing your max MP stock and magic damage.

Each of these four magics has a normal ranged attack and a powerful charged blast. Each spell will also have varying effective range, charge speed, and full-charged buff. It’s also worth noting that certain spells will work well in different situations and against certain enemies. There are also puzzles that will require specific magics to be solved. We’ll cover those in this guide’s walkthrough section.


You can also fire normal shots using any magic while sprinting. This is quite useful with Ice equipped since it can unleash a rapid-fire barrage of ice projectiles. This is perfect when retreating against aggressive enemies or trying to land potshots against tougher enemies or bosses.

Spell Charging

It takes a few seconds to fully charge your magic. During this time, Nobeta can still attack, evade, or trigger Counter Magic without losing the progress of her charge gauge. If she gets hurt while charging, it will dissipate the charging bar and you’ll have to start charging again from the start. Nobeta’s charging speed can be increased by enhancing her Dexterous stat. The default charging time will also vary from the spell you’re using. Ice has the quickest charging time while Lightning is the slowest.

LWN Nobeta-Tip.png You can cancel spell charging by pressing the Charge button again. The mana that’s being “reserved” during the charging will be refunded to your mana gauge.

Once fully charged, Nobeta will benefit from the magic buffs as long as there’s energy in your spell gauge. For example, fully charging Ice magic will buff Nobeta with Super Armor and Fire Resistance.

LWN Nobeta-Tip.png Evading, striking enemies with a melee attack, or using Counter Magic will also speed up spell charging by a huge amount.


You can get hurt by your magic, especially from the powerful charged-up blasts from Fire and Lightning magic. Take note that firing a charged magic doesn’t give Nobeta an invincibility frame; she can still get hurt by enemy attacks. Remember this vulnerability during boss fights; don’t assume that you can easily cheese your way through frequent charge attack use.


Melee Attacks

Nobeta’s melee attack isn’t fluid and she’ll only be able to perform a standard 4-hit combo with her staff. Melee attacks won’t be an effective way of dealing with most enemies (unless you spec’ed up her strength stat first) and will be quite unreliable especially on higher difficulties or NG+ enemies. The main benefit of using melee attacks is to replenish MP. Melee attacks can stagger weaker enemies but won’t be able to stop larger enemies and bosses. You can further increase your melee attack power by leveling up the Strength stat.


You can also perform a couple of melee swings in mid-air but this is mostly used to give Nobeta a bit more airtime. When used with double-jump, this will allow Nobeta to reach far ledges.



Evasion and jumping are the only defensive maneuvers in the game. Each enemy requires different evasion timings. While most normal enemies can be easily dispatched by ranged attacks, you’ll have to learn to time your evasion (or sometimes, jumping) properly during boss fights. As mentioned earlier, evading will consume a bit of stamina. If you run out of stamina, Nobeta will slip and become vulnerable for a few moments – which is usually bad news when it happens during a boss fight.


Aerial Attacks and Recovery

When jumping off a ledge and with a fully charged magic, you can fire it in mid-air before even reaching the ground. You can also fire normal shots while in mid-air but you can only take advantage of this from great heights.

When you get hit by an enemy attack that launches you in the air, you can press the jump button to perform an aerial recovery.