Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 6 Cheats


Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 6 Cheats


Choose the right assists

If you’ve never played a Supercross or bike racing game before, the experience can be daunting. Two-wheeled racing requires drastically different techniques from car racing. Luckily, Milestone has included a generous number of assists and difficulty settings to help ease you in.

To start with, there are three main difficulty settings in Supercross 6: Accessible and Immediate, Stimulating and Gripping, and Immersive and Stimulated. Each setting has preset difficulty options.

We recommend starting with Accessible and Immediate. This makes main events shorter, opponents less aggressive, and activates riding aids. It also turns on the racing line to help you learn the flow of the track.

To enable this difficulty, go to Settings from the main menu, scroll to the far right and select Game Experience.

From here, you can finetune the settings further. Before starting an event, head to Event Option in the pre-race menu. Here, you can enable numerous riding aids. Changing the physics from advanced to standard gives a smoother riding experience so you’re less likely to fall off.

You can also enable automatic rider weight transfer along with automatic transmission, rewinds, and aids for the racing line and jumping.

Don’t forget to adjust the AI difficulty too. It’s worth experimenting with the difficulty settings – you won’t have an enjoyable race if the opponents are too easy or difficult to beat. As you gain experience and confidence, you can gradually toggle these assists off.

Perfect start

Getting a good start is crucial for the best chance of finishing first. In Supercross 6, learning a simple technique will launch the bike off the line as fast as possible.

To perform a perfect start, hold the clutch and accelerator together while shifting the rider’s weight forward with the right stick.

When the gates drop, release the clutch. It’s tricky to time but get it right and you’ll zoom past your rivals and reach the Holeshot first, giving you a major advantage before the first corner.

Weight management

One of the most essential techniques in Supercross 6 is managing the weight of your bike and rider with both sticks to avoid losing speed in corners. While you can enable automatic rider weight shifting in the settings, we recommend switching it to manual as this gives you more precise control.

The left stick controls the weight of the bike, while the right stick controls the weight of the rider. As you slow down and steer into a corner, balance both weights by moving the left and right stick in the direction of the corner at the same time.

It may feel unnatural initially, but it will improve your speed coming out of corners. 

Likewise, tilting your bike and rider back before a jump helps you retain momentum and approach the jump at a higher speed. It’s worth practising these techniques in time trials and single-race events to get a feel for the controls.