Before Your Eyes Achievements


Before Your Eyes Achievements


How to Obtain All Achievements


Below is an explanation of certain keywords you may see next to an achievement.

  • Timed means you have the possibility of ending the scene without seeing the option for this achievement. If not interested in toughing it out.
  • Playthrough Consistent means you need to do all of the actions listed in the same playthrough. Exiting the game mid-playthrough should be fine as long as you click continue and do not select a chapter.
  • Clarification Needed means I’m unsure about something.



Eyes of Steel

  • You can win any staring contest.

Clarification Needed. There was a bug preventing this achievement from unlocking, and I had it after the update, so I don’t know what unlocks it. I think it’s not blinking for a certain number of seconds. Most people seem to unlock it naturally.

Before Your Eyes

  • Complete the game.

The only non-missable achievement in a playthrough. Finish the game.

Star Gazer

  • Complete the Constellation.

Timed. In Chapter 6, depending on your first decision, in either about scene two or scene four you will be at the beach. Finish the constellation before you blink to the next scene.

Clarification Needed. The constellation reappears when you’re in bed and Chloe is there in the second to last chapter, but I don’t know if you can finish it here and get the achievement.


  • Choose Greece.

Timed. In Chapter 2, when your dad is flipping through the photo book, choose Greece on the second page.


  • Choose Egypt.

Timed. In Chapter 2, when your dad is flipping through the photo book, choose Egypt on the second page.


  • Take all notes in class.

Timed. In Chapter 4, scene two, wait around after you tell (or don’t tell) Chloe the answer. After you take notes on how the grades in the class are organized, you should get this achievement.


  • Live both sides of a big decision.

In Chapter 6, scene one, when in your bed and presented with the two options, choose the opposite of whatever you did in your first playthrough.


  • Ignore distractions from piano.

Playthrough Consistent. Start from Chapter 5. In Chapter 5, scene three, when playing the golden Bach book, don’t pick up the phone. Play through until you’re in your bed and have two options, and don’t pick up from the phone.

Even Keeled

  • Never show your anger.

Clarification Needed. I am fairly certain this achievement is currently bugged, as most people seen unable to get it, and I believe a patch is currently being worked on. However, in theory, this is what you should do.

Playthrough Consistent. Start from Chapter 2. Never take an option to throw or crumple anything. Simply look away from the eye so there is no chance of accidentally doing the action.

Play through the game until you get the achievement. Depending on your choices, there should be three or four things to avoid. Here is a list specifically of what not to do:

  • When painting as a toddler, do not throw the painting.
  • When in the car with your mom and looking at the golden Bach book, do not crumple it.
  • When talking with the art agent, for ease, I suggest signing the contract. I think it is okay if you crumple your contract as long as you do not throw it at her.
  • Note: After your dad calls to tell you he is selling the house, you will throw the canvas. This is unavoidable, and will not affect the achievement.
  • When Chloe calls you and accuses you of faking, do not throw the phone. This should be the last thing to avoid.


  • Provoke the Ferryman’s ire.

Timed. Start from Chapter One. Wait through the intro scene until the Ferryman asks you to blink to live through your life again. Wait a minute or so as he says more dialogue and continues to insult you. After he says he’s done with you, the achievement should pop up.

Where’s my face?

  • Recalibrate 10 times.