Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Ending Cheats


Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Ending Cheats


Ending 1 – Michiyo’s Grudge

This ending is unlocked via Yakko Sakazaki’s route in the chapter called ‘Seiman’.

After you’ve been to the cafe and spoken to Hideki Araishi, Yutaro Namigaki will appear and speak to Yakko and Mio. You must choose ‘Talk to Yutaro’ rather than go to the school.

This will open a new chapter called ‘Michiyo’s Grudge’, you simply need to watch it play out.

Ending 2 – Nejima’s Reminiscence

This ending is unlocked in the chapter called ‘Manhunt’ in Tetsuo Tsutsumi‘s route.

After the conversation with Nejima, do not turn around and click on Ayame Tono. You must ignore that she is there. If you’re replaying from this chapter, choose ‘Start after conversation’ from the resume menu to reach the right point.

Instead, choose to interact with Nejiima again. This will unlock a new chapter called ‘Nejima’s Reminiscence’. Watch it to learn what happens in this ending.

Ending 3 – ‘Harue’s Legacy’

On Harue Shigima‘s route in the chapter called ‘Last Resort’, you can unlock this ending.

You simply have to use your curse on Ayame when prompted when you are speaking with her, but ensure you do not speak to her about ‘Tobaco’ at any point.

If you mention smoking, attempting to use your curse after this point results in failure, as she would have thrown her lighter away, resulting in a different ending.

This will unlock the ‘Harue’s Legacy’ chapter and all you have to do is watch it play out.

Ending 4 – ‘Ayame’s Inspiration’

In the ‘Last Resort’ chapter of Harue Shigima‘s route once more, but this time during your conversation with her, make sure you choose the ‘Tobacco’ option.

Attempt to use your curse after mentioning the Tobacco, and it will fail, and instead, Ayame will kill you.

This unlocks the ‘Ayame’s Inspiration’ chapter. Simply watch it to view this ending.

Ending 5 – ‘Conclusion’

This ending is unlocked in the chapter called ‘Manhunt’ in Tetsuo Tsutsumi‘s route, similar to Ending 2. If you are replaying to unlock this ending, choose ‘Start after conversation’ as the point to resume from.

Once you are on the bridge speaking with Nejima, there will come a break in the conversation point where you can turn around, and you’ll see Ayame Tono behind you. Click on her to unlock this ending.

This will open the ‘Conclusion’ chapter. The choices you make in the conversation with Ayame and the order you make them can change the dialogue a little, but the outcome will always remain the same no matter what you choose.

How To Decipher The Yin Scroll

The correct order to place the seals is:

  • The Taiko Drum Seal
  • The Beech Leaf Seal
  • The Reed Seal
  • The Carp Seal
  • The Light Seal

Afterward, just sit back and let events play out.

Ending 6 – ‘Another Conclusion’

This is the hardest ending to unlock because, unlike the others, the Story Chart will not indicate where this chapter can be unlocked by having the chapter screen lit.

There are a couple of steps to unlocking this ending.

How To Unlock ‘Cleansing’

You need to play through Shogo Okiie‘s chapter ‘Kinshibori Park (Part 3)’ to unlock the chapter called ‘Cleansing’.

This can be done when speaking to Takumi, so if you are replaying, you can choose the ‘Start from talking to Takumi’ option to resume.

Pan the screen to the right of Takumi, but do not turn around to look at Yoko, or you will be killed.

You will spot the Beckoning Light curse echo. Interact with it. Pan left back to Takumi, then pan right again to see the curse echo has moved closer.

Interact with it again and select ‘Touch it’ when prompted. This will unlock the ‘Cleansing’ chapter in the Story Chart.

How To Answer The Storyteller’s Questions

Click on the ‘Cleansing’ chapter, and as there is a chance that players can stumble on this ending before viewing the ‘Conclusion’ ending, the Storyteller will test your knowledge.

These are the correct answers in order:

  • The Beckoning Light
  • Shogo
  • Your name (however you entered it when you started the game, and capital letters do matter)