WWE 2K23 MyGM Cheats and Tips


WWE 2K23 MyGM Cheats and Tips


MyGM tips to build the best brand possible

Now that you’ve got your save created and draft set, it’s time to start working through MyGM one week (or one show) at a time. MyGM now operates in 25-show seasons. During that time, it will follow a pattern of four weeks of TV followed by a Premium Live Event (PLE) in the fifth week. The first four PLE shows are chosen at random and can vary save to save, but the end of each season will always be WrestleMania, which has an even larger match card than the average PLE. 

Keep this format in mind as you go, especially in the later parts of the season. When it comes to grabbing Free Agents or Legends to fill out your roster, knowing how the durations of those contracts will align with your upcoming PLE shows is going to be key. You’ll also want to watch for the Shake Ups coming at Shows 6, 11, 16, and 21. 

One of WWE 2K23’s most interesting new MyGM features is the Shake Ups cards dealt out at these post-PLE points throughout your season. Each time you’ll be offered the choice between three Shake Up cards of Bronze, Silver, or Gold quality. Some of these offer instant changes like popularity and stamina adjustments or give you Power Cards. 

Many of the Shake Ups are seasonal with effects that will last for the rest of that season. Those cards might boost fans or match quality in specific circumstances, and several give you a way to make extra cash through the rest of the season. Finally, particularly in the earliest Shake Ups, you might get a card that will only be active for the next ten or 15 shows, which is something you’ll want to keep in mind so you aren’t booking under the impression it’s still active when that Shake Up power has gone dormant. 

As for booking the actual shows, you generally won’t want to go too overboard with gimmick matches and expensive logistics on the week-to-week shows. Instead, use the weeks between each PLE to build up rivalries and keep your roster as healthy as possible. The primary logistics exception is your Arena, as the cost of using a bigger arena is almost always outweighed by the ticket revenue earned from that show. 

Choosing the perfect arena is a bit of a moving target, but the figure you’ll want to watch is your attendance. If you’re selling out the Capitol Wrestling Center every week, try the Fleet Center every show if you can unlock it. Once you outgrow that, the Big Stadium will become your go-to every week. The cost of booking the Big Open Stadium is usually only offset by ticket revenue for PLEs, so keep that one on the shelf for week-to-week shows, even if it’s unlocked. 

Show Logistics have been spread out this year across multiple seasons. The most powerful and expensive options for Arena, Crew, Special Effects, and Advertisement aren’t even available to unlock until Season 4. With your budget due to reset at the end of each season, make sure to trigger those unlocks (even if you don’t use them right away) if you can afford the cost.  

When you do finally arrive at each PLE, that’s the time to stop holding back. Keep stamina and other risks in mind, but make sure to book the best card possible with the most exciting match types you can afford. The other big thing you’ll want to utilize around every big PLE is your Power Cards. Some of them can make a truly massive impact. 

While it can be easy to focus entirely on ratings or fans, it’s important to note that there doesn’t appear to be just a single factor in determining the rankings of GMs in each MyGM save. After several seasons of simulation, it became clear that having a high budget and playing frugal also make a massive impact on your rank. In more than one season, the highest ranking and winning GM wasn’t actually the one with the most fans, but rather the one that finished that season with a massive budget. It’s not clear exactly how rank is calculated, but other aspects like show quality and match quality likely also play a role.