Anno 1800 Cheats and Tips


Anno 1800 Cheats and Tips



You Can Remove The Pirate Factions From Your Game

When you start a new game in Anno 1800, pirates will be present by default. Both in the Old and the New World, your trade fleets will be harassed and raided by pirate ships. Initially, they will stick to the corner of the map, but soon they will set sail and seek you out wherever you go.

This can provide a neat challenge (and some video game pirates are beloved rogues), yet it can also be an annoyance and a distraction if you are new. Luckily, there’s a simple way to defeat the pirates in one fell swoop: toggling them off in the game settings beforehand.

It Is Easiest To Build Cities In 10×10 Grids

It can be a constant struggle to optimize your layout as you evolve your starting village into a sprawling metropolis. An effective and easy solution is to use modular 10×10 grids. This requires a 12×12 road, which leaves you with a 10×10 city block in between. This block can fit nine houses, or a combination of a special building (such as the pub) and some houses.

Even though this is not the most space-efficient layout, it will save you a lot of time. Another benefit is that this layout gives you a lot of flexibility, since you can easily move buildings around without needing to change the layout of your roads. That’s the key to this excellent city builder.

Do Not Spend Your Influence Points On Censoring The Newspaper

An announcement will pop up regularly during the game asking you if you want to modify (read: censor) your nation’s newspaper. This gives you a nice bonus.

While this may be tempting, you should refrain from doing so. Not just because censorship is bad (this isn’t Tropico, where you can be a ruthless dictator), but, more importantly, because altering the contents of the newspaper costs you influence points. By the mid- to end-game, these influence points become one of the most valuable currencies in the game. You will be needing them for all your trade unions, zoos, museums, and botanical gardens.

Do Not Wait Too Long To Settle New Islands

Anno 1800 is a game that can be very relaxing, but still requires an expansionist playstyle. If you wait too long to settle new islands, you may find that your teammates or competitors have already claimed them. Also, it is relatively inexpensive to settle on a new island and to start making a profit. Therefore, you should claim the best islands for yourself as soon as you can.

Now, what constitutes ‘best’? It depends on your playstyle, but in general, you will want to claim the largest islands, as well as islands with fertilities that you are lacking. Islands with a lot of minerals and/or oil are also preferable in this unique strategy title.

Feras Alsarami Is An Amazing Specialist

Feras is a specialist of epic tier who can be acquired from various neutral traders, such as Isabel Sarmento. Feras works in Trade Unions and boosts the productivity of all production buildings by +50%, along with some additional minor effects.

To cut right to the chase: you should acquire Feras as many times as you can. Feras’ productivity bonus is useful everywhere. A fantastic extra boon is that it also applies to oil refineries. Oil can be a very difficult resource to manage, but if you have Feras, you produce 50% more of it.