Resident Evil 4 Remake Cheats and Tips


Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Cheats and Tips


Tips and Tricks

  • Save your herbs until you can combine them, as this will not only heal you fully, but permanently raise your maximum health. Instead, use First Aid Sprays, and food items, like eggs, that you can find on the ground. If you do need to use a herb, just use a green since those are more plentiful.
  • Crafting makes a return from RE2 and RE3 Remake, and you can access it multiple ways: by entering the actual crafting menu, selecting “craft” and choosing the item in the case, or by moving one item on top of another and hitting confirm.
  • Don’t waste ammo or time pulling out a knife when you spot a crate or barrel – Leon can simply kick them to reveal their contents.
  • If you hover over health items while in the attache case, it will show you how much health will be restored before you use it.


Combat Tips

  • Ammo is precious! Aim for the head and kneecaps to stagger your enemies, and once the white marker (new to the Remake) flashes above their head, you can hit them with a melee attack for extra damage, and more importantly, crowd control. You can also melee attack them after perfect parrying with your knife.
  • New to the Remake are stealth kills using your knife. Like most knife skills, it will take a hit to its durability. But it will take many enemies down instantly!
  • You can hold L1 or the right bumper to ready your knife and stab with the right trigger, just like the original. But in the Remake, you can also slash by simply hitting the right trigger without drawing your weapon first. When pressing nothing else, think of the right trigger as your knife button.
  • Speaking of your knife button, when a white mark appears over a downed enemy, that means you can instantly finish them off with your knife. With a little hit to its durability, of course.
  • The Chainsaw Man can hit other villagers. So while it may be good to get rid of him early, he can also help you thin out the crowd if you let him do his thing.
  • Enemies can be caught in traps, too! Whether it be bear traps or tripwires, you can lead them to their doom if you so choose. An enemy caught in a bear trap will be staggered, allowing for a melee attack.


Exploration Tips

  • Like the original, RE4 Remake has a quick turn, but it’s bound to “down and R1 (or the right bumper,)” rather than “down and the bottom face button.”
  • You just have to tap the run button to start jogging, you don’t have to hold it down. This goes for clicking in the stick as well. This can also be changed in the settings menu.
  • Another returning feature is the ability to shoot down crows, which may drop anything from a bit of currency or gunpowder to gems.


Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode & Secrets Weapons