The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Cheats and Tips


The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Cheats and Tips


Play Seated, But Select Standing

Maybe you furrowed your brow a little after reading the title of this section. That’s understandable. But here is the thing, the parameters for the seated VR setting are, at the time of writing, not large enough for most adults. This means that when you fully extend your arms, you are going to run up against that virtual wire-frame cage. Which is SUPER immersion-breaking.

Since you cannot currently alter the seated VR parameters, you are far better off customizing your own play area. Just sit down, select the standing play area option, and when you adjust the play area, push the boundaries so that your zone reaches behind your couch. It is a touch janky, but the end result is a much smoother play experience.

We didn’t want to give more setup stuff another entry, so we’ll just add this tip here… Make sure you can fully extend both arms outward. You don’t want to backhand a piece of furniture during gameplay. It sucks.

On a related note, if you have children, you need to explain to them that you can’t see anything, and that you are going to swing your arms around. Make sure they know that “pranks” would be ill-advised, as they may accidentally end up in the “danger zone”. You don’t want your seven-year-old catching a straight right.

Stabilize And Squint

You know when you watch an action film and the hero has their gun arm resting on their forearm as they aim? Well, guess what? That actually hugely helps to stabilize your shots. So, when you need to make a distant shot, stabilize your gun by resting the arm holding the gun you are aiming with on your other forearm. Similarly, closing one eye so that you can better line up your shots with the iron sights of your pistol will dramatically improve your accuracy.

Now, you have two guns, and the game is going to make sure you use them, but when you aren’t being swarmed, you are far better off sacrificing one of them to help line your shots up better. This is especially true for when you see those glowing pentagrams in the distance. Improving your stability will help you hit those more consistently.

You Don’t Have To Look Where You Shoot!

Do you want to talk about a game-changer? It is this piece of advice right here. If you are playing a traditional game, you need to look where you are shooting. The two actions are synonymous. That is not true in VR. You can look in one direction while firing in the other.

Have you noticed that you are getting surrounded by new enemies while you are still trying to take care of the last one? Are baddies frequently getting the jump on you? Well, next time you are unloading into an abomination, instead of making loving eye contact with them, keep firing, but also glance to your right and your left. This will instantly improve your ability to control the waves of enemies.

Destroy Everything

Obviously, you are going to be aiming for the stuff that has those glowing pentagram markers on them, but while all the other items strewn about may be worth fewer points, they are still worth points. So, if you see something can be destroyed, then you should destroy it.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that while the game doesn’t give you a score based on your accuracy, your score multiplier will drop if you miss too many shots. However, you still shouldn’t be afraid to unload. You are going to be zipping around the track sometimes. You aren’t going to be able to snipe every item when you are going a hundred miles per hour. It is all about picking your moments to unload wisely.