Tchia Cheats and Tips


Tchia Cheats and Tips


Bring up the compass by pressing R3

As soon as the game starts, you will become familiar with its basic mechanics and how specific activities work. The use of the in-game map will be introduced in the game very soon, but you may find the map in Tchia to be very confusing. When you open the map, you can see the activities in that area, provided you’ve already scaled the viewpoint. If you pinpoint the activity you want to follow and exit the map, there will be no map and no onscreen indicator where the specific activity is. So how do you find it when you don’t know where to look? Well, it seems the game failed to provide you with the information that you must press the R3 button to bring up the compass and then follow it to the pinpointed location.

Turn into a bird to cover long distances

Tchia is no ordinary girl; she possesses the ability to wield magical power, which will be her primary weapon against her enemies, in addition to her sling. The game will teach you how to use these magical powers as weapons but will not tell you that you can use them for other purposes as well. Given Tchia’s world is pretty big and fast travel is extremely limited, covering long distances could be quite boring if you don’t know what to do. To overcome this problem, simply transform into a bird and fly for as long as your spirit meter allows you to. This little trick can be extremely useful, especially when you upgrade the spirit meter.

Visit as many temples as you can to upgrade your spirit meter

The spirit meter is upgraded by completing the trials in the special temples, accessible only after you learn how to carve the totems. Once you obtain this ability, visit all the temples you can because each one you complete will upgrade your spirit meter, which will be very useful, especially when you are fighting a larger number of enemies at the same time. 

Eat stamina fruits

Also, whether you have the chance, find and consume stamina fruit. Consuming each fruit will provide you with one additional stamina point, and after clearing some big enemy camps, the game will reward you with the big stamina fruit that will give you five additional stamina points. Because climbing and gliding require stamina, the more stamina you have, the easier your life will be on this beautiful archipelago.