Resident Evil 4 Remake Cheats and Tips


Resident Evil 4 Remake Cheats and Tips


Shoot Projectiles

Throughout your journey through the quaint and totally not dangerous at all Spanish country, you’ll encounter hundreds of enemies. Many will utilize standard melee attacks and grabs to stop you, but almost just as many will have projectiles. Enemies can throw axes, torches that light you on fire, Molotov cocktails, dynamite, and more. You’ll want to avoid getting hit by these projectiles (you can parry the axes!), and one way to do that is to kill the enemy before they throw them.

However, that requires some speed, and if you don’t have time to do that, shoot the projectile. In the case of Molotov cocktails and dynamite, doing this can cause an instant explosion, damaging the projectile thrower and potentially other enemies around them. 

Complete Every Request (So You Can Buy Must-Have Items)

New to this remake of Resident Evil 4 are requests, which are blue papers typically stuck to walls throughout the game. Collect one to begin the request. They are usually quick and easy – you’ll find a few that task you with killing a handful of rats in a specific area, usually nearby, or others that ask you to shoot down hanging blue medallions, for example. You should complete every one you find because doing so rewards you with special pink jewels called Spindels. You’ll find some of these throughout the game, but the majority will be collected through requests. These are important because you can trade them to the mysterious Merchant for special items.

Here, you can trade Spindels for two extremely important items: Location Maps and Upgrade Tickets (amongst other things). Location maps are, in my opinion, must-buy items, and they only cost five Spindels. They reveal everything on the map – treasures, blue medallions, items you didn’t pick up, and more. Buy them when you can! Upgrade Tickets cost a lot of Spindels, but they’re worth it because they allow you to apply an exclusive upgrade to a weapon early.






In order to purchase this exclusive upgrade, you need to upgrade every other feature of a weapon. But with the Upgrade Ticket, you can get that exclusive upgrade early, giving you, for example, a 1.5x power boost to your pistol or shotgun. 

If You Can’t Find A Treasure, Look Up (And Listen, Too)

If you’ve followed our advice on the above tip, then you might find yourself searching for a treasure marked on your map. And sometimes, you’ll be right on the icon for the treasure on your map but see nothing resembling treasure around you. That’s because it’s likely hanging above you. Listen, and if you hear the sound of metal swinging, that’s your cue to look up. You should spot something that resembles a metal lamp hanging above – shoot it down to reveal the treasure inside. 

Learn To Parry (And Evade) As Soon As Possible

For the most part, this remake of Resident Evil 4 is void of the quick-time events from the original game. However, there are button prompts you’ll need to press quickly in combat scenarios. With Leon’s knife or any other knife, like the boot knives scattered about, you can parry any melee attack. You can also hold L1/LB  to simply block an attack. But if you press L1/LB right before the enemy’s attack lands, Leon will parry it, which stuns the enemy and leaves them open for a melee attack (read: roundhouse kick) or a takedown kill if you can get behind them quickly enough.

We recommend learning the timing of this parry as soon as possible, and you should practice learning this parry timing on the game’s earlier enemies. The same goes for evade. Certain attacks will prompt Leon to evade, and you’ll need to press Circle/B quickly to execute it correctly. Fortunately, the game tells you exactly when to evade or parry on-screen, so this should make learning the timing of these defensive moves easier.