Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Cheats and Tips


Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Cheats and Tips


Keep An Eye Out For Sparkles

Despite being a point-and-click affair, Coming Home has a lot of collectibles that act as keepsakes. It’s the largest optional mission in the game, with almost every chapter having some hidden items to find. Based on the art style, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish interactable objects from the background, but collectibles aren’t like that.

Each item has a noticeable dark outline and will emit a sparkle every few seconds. Watch for this and always check out-of-the-way areas.

Pick Up What You Can

Most of the goals in each chapter revolve around finding a specific item and either using, giving, or trading it. These items come in two variants: Key and consumable. A key item may be something like a Handle while a consumable item may be something like a rock.

Both items glow slightly when you are near them and chances are, if you can pick them up, then you should. Most characters are limited to two items, but it’s always best to grab them the first time around.

Prepare For Medical Puzzles

Anna the Nurse offers some of the most stressful puzzles. As Anna, you’ll frequently find yourself in scenarios where people will need help getting to safety and must be treated for injuries. They’re not necessarily difficult, but they come with a time constraint.

The treatments mainly involve handling objects like shrapnel, cleaning wounds, and applying bandages. They’re interactive activities that have you doing various movements, so make sure you brace yourself and keep calm before you start them.

Be Wary Of Larger Than Average Hitboxes

Each character will get involved in a stressful or dangerous event at some point. Just like in actual warfare, most injuries can be fatal. Whenever your character is threatened, keep in mind they’re much larger than they seem, and objects like shells have a larger blast radius than they look. It’s better to stay one person away from any source of harm.

Speech Bubbles Lead To Points Of No Return

The progression of Coming Home is easy to find but not always clear; you may trigger your next main mission accidentally. This can be annoying when you’re wandering around looking for collectibles, and you don’t want to get locked out.

When entering a new location, look around for anyone or anything that may look important. Speech bubbles are the clearest indicator of an event that will push you forward, so keep your distance until you feel ready to progress.