Crime Boss: Rockay City Cheats and Tips


Crime Boss: Rockay City Cheats and Tips


Know When To Get Out

The most important thing you’ll learn in Crime Boss: Rockay City is to not overextend. During a certain mission, your goal will be displayed at the top left side of your screen. If you’re supposed to steal items, there’ll be a bar showing how much you’ve stolen with a white line and how much is inside the escape van with a yellow line.

If you escape through the van even when your crew mates have some bags that they didn’t put in, they’ll still count toward the final reward. You simply have to make sure that there are no bags on the ground somewhere, and these bags can be easily identified by their yellow aura that can be seen through walls.

Sometimes your goal says that you’ve already loaded everything, but there will still be items you can steal. Make sure you check around thoroughly before escaping the area.

On the other hand, it’s also important to make a decision based on your current situation. Police badges will be displayed on the top-right of your screen that shows the heat you’ll be taking. If there are three or more highlighted badges, it might be time to leave the job unfinished and escape.

Keep in mind that keeping Baker and other crew members alive is the main goal. You can always get more missions to earn money, and completing certain long missions can easily make you extremely rich.

Disable All The Cameras

As you progress in the game, you’ll get tasks to perform a heist inside a Warehouse, Jewelry Store, or Mall. These places are usually plagued with cameras, and they’ll alert the police if they detect you for a few seconds. A meter will appear on your screen whenever a camera starts detecting you.

During this time, it can follow you around as far as you’re in its range. The only way to prevent this detection is by going out of the camera’s range or behind an object where you can’t be seen. Here are the two ways you can use to disable cameras in the game:

  • If there’s a particular camera blocking your way, you can get close to it and perform melee to break it. When you do this, there’s a high chance that the security will take notice, which will give you one strike for the run. If you get three strikes, the cops get alerted.
  • The safest way to disable all the cameras is to locate the Control Room in the build. If you see cameras around, a Control Room is guaranteed. There’ll always be a guard inside the Control Room.

If a camera detects you fully, there’ll be a red radio sign on it for a couple of seconds. You can also hit the camera and disable it at this time to avoid alerting the police.

Although, going out of a camera’s range won’t help once it has fully detected you.

Make Good Use Of Your Crew

You can place three crew members on a certain mission if you’re using Travis Maker on it. Though you can also replace Baker with another crew member if you want. Each crew member can only be a part of one mission every day, while Baker himself can be a part of up to two missions.

Your crew members can either be extremely useful or a hindrance in the mission. You might be on a mission where you spent several minutes to get around the place stealthily but one of your crew members gets detected and alert the police. This is why it’s important to control your crew.

You can manage your crew by pressing a button where you can ask them to follow you or hold a position. You can also change to any crew member here.

It’s important to ask your crew to hold tight until you clear up the area, and then ask them to follow you and steal items.

Moreover, the crew members aren’t that good at looting stuff in the game. The most efficient way to go about this is by looting the place yourself and then passing on the bags to your crew. Even if the bags drop on the ground, a crew member will come around and pick them up.