Terra Nil Cheats and Tips


Terra Nil Cheats and Tips


Prepare some “roads” – in the end of each region, you have to recycle all buildings. A special drone does it. In the first map it moves by rivers, later you need to build Monorail Nodes on rocks and high places.

You can reset the stage – if you make a mistake, which you can’t repair, you don’t have to reset the region. It is possible to redo only the last phase.

Some buildings can be built partially beyond your influence zone – many buildings have to be built close to the source of energy. Nevertheless, some of them, like toxic scrubber, can stand partially in it. Use it to make them more efficient.

Toxic scrubbers should be possibly far away – it is probably obvious, but still very important. Toxic Scrubbers are the main buildings which clean the terrain. It is only normal that their range of influence should not overlap too much. On the other hand, there should be no gap between them.

Read descriptions of animals – at some point of the game, you should reintroduce animals to the environment. You must look for the proper habitats for them. Read their descriptions – it is a hint. Of course, you may learn everything in our guide. All habitats are presented there.

Optional goals should be mandatory – you can finish the game without doing optional goals, however, you should complete them. The last one gives you a very powerful weather condition. It is different in each region. Nevertheless, it is beneficial and cleans all tiles.

Do optional goals in order – read all requirements in Optional Goals tab and figure out an order. For example, some tasks will require low temperature, some high. It is a good idea to start with low and climb up to high.

Watch out for solar amplifier – this building can start a fire. You need to remember that the fire will spread everywhere. Use it in closed spaces (restricted by high places and water) or before you create proper habitats.

Use R in the case of Irrigator – you can’t rotate most of the buildings, but it is possible in the case of Irrigator. What is more it is extremely important because its effective range changes shapes. Use it to maximize your benefits.

Buildings can be moved – at some point you will get an ability to build monorail node. As it was stated, it will help to move your drone. However, it can also move whole buildings (sadly, not all of them). Minor spoiler: In the last region, you will be able to build Undersea Dredger. You can expand the range of this structure thanks to the monorail node.