Meet Your Maker Cheats and Tips


Meet Your Maker Cheats and Tips


Simple, but Hard to Beat

One of the most common mistakes players make when creating levels in Meet Your Maker is cramming too much into a single level. Instead, concentrate on making a simple but difficult level that is simple to navigate but difficult to beat. This will not only make the level more enjoyable for players, but it will also increase the likelihood of your level being played and shared.

Test Your Level

After you’ve created your level, you should thoroughly test it before sharing it with others. This will assist you in identifying any bugs or glitches that may cause issues for players and ensuring that the level is difficult but not impossible to complete. Test your level several times and make changes as needed.

Use Checkpoints Strategically

Checkpoints are an important tool in Meet Your Maker because they allow players to restart the level from a specific point if they die. However, checkpoints must be used strategically and not placed too close together. This will make the level too easy to complete, potentially losing players’ interest. However, if checkpoints are too far apart, the level may become frustrating for players.

Make Use of Power-ups

Power-ups are yet another useful tool in Meet Your Maker that can assist players in progressing through the level. Make strategic use of power-ups and place them in areas where they will be most useful. However, don’t overuse power-ups as this may make the level too easy to complete.

Consider the Aesthetics

It is critical to consider the aesthetics of your level. While the gameplay is the most important aspect of the level, visually appealing levels are more likely to be played and shared. Make sure the level has a consistent theme and colour palette, and that it is visually appealing.


Building an Outpost in Meet Your Maker is all about designing an experience for other players. Whether you’re out to create something tough-as-nails, artistic, or unexpected, having a clear goal goes a long way. You’ll always be able to let inspiration strike on the fly and adapt plans as you build, but it never hurts to have a vision of the rooms and corridors you want to create and how they’ll all play together.


Those new to the building genre or just starting out in Meet Your Maker may want to simplify with a 3-step approach.

  1. Build the basic structure. The exterior of your Outpost is the first thing a Raider will see, and you can use it to send a message. Nothing says, “NO TRESPASSERS” like an Outpost in the shape of a flaming skull.
  2. Fortify with traps and guards. Look at areas within your Outpost. Envision how a player might move through them. Then experiment with creative combos of traps and guards to lure, trick, and kill Raiders.
  3. Personalize with cosmetics. Put your stamp on your creation with decals, lighting, and animated props to add atmosphere – or distract at a strategic moment.