POST VOID Cheats and Tips


POST VOID Cheats and Tips



Speed Is Life

Mechanically and strategically, everything happens fast in Post Void, making it quite different from slow-burn tactical shooters. Bullets move in the blink of an eye, and the player speeds through levels as if wearing rocket skates. The player’s health actively depletes, and if it isn’t replenished, death comes in a matter of seconds.

To avoid this, the player must kill enemies to replenish their life. Hurrying through the level isn’t just for aesthetic effect or to try to beat one’s personal best time: it’s the only way to stay alive. Never dawdle for too long in one area. Kill and move on, and if enemies can be killed without stopping, all the better.

Pick The Right Upgrades

At the end of every level, the player will be offered a choice of upgrades. Some are better than others, but ultimately the deciding factor is one’s playstyle. Getting slowed down by enemy collisions too much? Take Ghost. Sick of dying to the timer in the last seconds of the run? Take added life.

Slow Bullets is one of the best choices for beginners, since it slows down enemy projectiles considerably, giving the player time to dodge attacks they would have otherwise been hit by, thus keeping them alive much longer. Rubber Bullets are another helpful upgrade for beginners since bullets that miss the target will bounce off walls and potentially strike an enemy, making even missed shots valuable.

Don’t Get Cornered

Post Void’s procedurally generated maps often spit out dead ends, and getting stuck in one of them for even a moment can be enough to kill the player if there are enemies nearby. Dead ends are especially dangerous if the player has not cleared the path to that point, because multiple enemies can then swarm their position, slowing the player with their bodies and tearing through the player’s health before they can escape.

It might not be a graphically demanding game, but Post Void’s visual style is overwhelming, especially at first, so it can be hard to survey one’s surroundings and plot the best route, especially since the player often sees new corridors for barely a second before sprinting by them. Focus on moving forward, and if trapped in a corner, run.

Train For Accuracy

The Pistol that players start with in Act 1 has a relatively high rate of fire. That fact, combined with the game’s lightning pace, narrow confines, and infinite ammo, means it’s tempting to just spam the fire button in the hopes that enemies go down. “Spray and pray” is not the best strategy, however.

Even weak enemies can take multiple bullets before going down, but a single headshot will kill them. Being less reckless with shots and taking the time to think about where one is firing will pay dividends since the player will be able to drop multiple enemies in a fraction of the time. Even when using the Uzi the player should be conscious of where they are firing, as they can significantly increase their survivability and score by becoming a better shot.