DREDGE Cheats and Tips


DREDGE Cheats and Tips


‘Dredge’ tips and tricks for beginners:

Talking to the locals in Dredge is the most important tip.

Make it a habit to scour every dialogue option available because they can prompt Pursuits, which are side quests requiring you to find specific fish or dredge materials for rewards.

Those prizes could range from money to research parts for unlocking new fishing gear and upgrading your vessel by the local shipwright.

Locals aren’t always in small towns, so venturing out further than you’re comfortable with to find new docks will be necessary.

While doing so, keep a steady hand on how you maneuver over the ocean. Sail carefully to avoid whirlpools and protruding rocks.

Taking damage will ultimately lock some slots in your inventory, could make your engine less useful, or outright sink your ship.






If you’re ever in a terrible spot and recently saved, you can destroy your ship and start over with everything intact. It’s a small death-saving trick you can abuse for trial-and-error trips through dangerous regions and night scenarios.

Speaking of nightfall, we recommend staying close to docks while it’s dark just in case the stress mechanic becomes overbearing.

As the protagonist’s panic rises, illusions become more lethal. Strong lights can help stave off the mechanic to some degree, but lingering in the thick fog for too long will only make the stress more powerful, even when sitting still.

Sometimes you may even get chased by a ghost ship or strange voices whispering in your ear. For those moments, speed over to a dock if possible to immediately lose their attention and return to night fishing.

During the daytime, be careful with your inputs during fishing mini-games so you don’t accidentally lose time.

If you go pretty far out to hunt for sharks and constantly mess up the mini-game, nighttime slowly gets closer. You will get exposed to the fog and stress you might not be ready for yet.

Efficient Inventory Management

One of the central skills required to succeed in Dredge is the ability to manage and arrange an inventory efficiently. Failing to do this may result in having to abandon valuable catches and therefore losing out on important earnings. Each fish has a unique shape and way in which they occupy space in the inventory, meaning players have to arrange them in a tetris-like manner to maximize carrying capacity. Having a general idea of how much inventory space a fish will take up before setting out to catch it will help to avoid this problem, so ensure that any excess catches or treasures are sold before departing on another excursion.

It is important to get these arrangements right as soon as possible. Players will soon notice how quickly the night, and its accompanying terrors, will set in if too much time is spent on tasks such as this. Always leave a small amount of room before returning home, since any number of unique treasures and fish might be encountered along the way.

Make Use Of Boat Upgrades

Initially, certain fish types will be impossible to catch without the requisite boat upgrades. Upgrades, such as different fishing poles to catch these different fish types, can be purchased different Shipyards in the game’s towns. Shipyards will also offer engine, net, and lighting upgrades.

Engine upgrades are a sensible early investment since they increase the ship’s movement speed, which is particularly important when trying to evade larger predators and reach safety at night. Given how quickly in-game days pass, speed is of great necessity. Nets will allow players to catch more fish, and lighting will help keep the Captain’s sanity meter in check during those lonely, treacherous nights. Keep in mind that some upgrades will take time to install, so it is often best to do this at nighttime in order not to miss out on catches during the day — unless of course, players are hunting a nocturnal species of fish.