Pirates Outlaws Cheats and Tips


Pirates Outlaws Cheats and Tips


1. No Need to Add Too Many Cards to Your Deck

 Having too many cards in your deck may reduce your chances of drawing the ones you actually want. Be mindful of the total number of cards in your deck. A small, carefully constructed deck will deliver your favorites more often. You don’t want to come up empty in the heat of battle.

2. Be Wary of Curses

Curses cause significant negative status effects. Remove them as soon as possible. You must deal with curses swiftly to avoid long-term consequences like losing to a weaker opponent. A handcuffed pirate is not good for fighting – or very much else, for that matter.

3. Ammo Cards are Essential

Having the right mix of ammo cards in your deck can make you more efficient in battle. If you opt for too many cards that require ammo, you might run out of bullets during battle.

4. And Make Sure You Properly Manage Your Ammo!

 Good ammo management is critical if you want to win. Don’t be wasteful and spend all of your ammo early on. Instead, be sure to plan ahead – and use ammo wisely so you can do damage when it truly matters.

5. Positive and Negative Conditions

Conditions can be swapped. You can use this to your advantage: Apply a positive condition to eliminate a negative condition. As above, so below. Don’t let a momentary loss of face bring you down. You can often summon the exact opposite of any particular condition to regain control and return to battle.