Call of Dragons Cheats and Tips


Call of Dragons Cheats and Tips


Second Builder

Second Builder is the most important thing that you have to get as a new player. With a second builder, you will be able to build 2 buildings at the same time which is crucial for your progression. You can get a second builder by spending 3000 gems that you will get quite easily at the start or you can purchase an in-game bundle that will give you a second builder. 

Honor Levels

Honor Levels are the second most important thing that you have to increase in Call of Dragons. Your main goal is to get on Honor Level 8. You must get on Honor Level 8 as soon as possible because you will get a free legendary hero token, 2 hero epic tokens and most importantly you will get a second research queue. The values that you will get from Honor Level 8 are insane and they will drastically help you with your progression. 

Upgrade City Hall

City Hall is the main building in Call of Dragons. You can not upgrade other buildings without upgrading the City Hall first. From upgrading City Hall your Legion Capacity will be increased and you will get more Legion Queue. You want to get City Hall on Level 22 as fast as possible because you will be able to use 5 legion Queue which means that you can farm more resources and send more marches to fight which is crucial for your progression. One more great thing is that when you upgrade it on level 16 you will get free tier 3 troops from a faction that you took at the start of the game.

Research all the time

In Call of Dragons, you will research technology in College Of Order. There are 2 sections, one is for farming and the other one is for your troops. Now as a beginner you have to have a good balance between military and farming technology. Once you unlock your tier 4 troops you can go and do all research in the farming section. Just make sure that you are researching constantly, do not allow the research queue to be empty. Also, make sure that you get honor level 8 where you will unlock the second research queue. 

Farm Resources

Farming resources is important because you will use them for everything and you will need a lot of them at the start of the game when you are constantly training troops, upgrading, and researching. Make sure that you level up your gathering heroes, get a gathering talent tree build and equip them with gathering artifacts. Whenever you do not use heroes make sure that you send them gathering. 

Farm Account 

A farm account is extremely important if you want to progress faster and fight a lot so make sure that you create one immediately. With a farm account, you will be able to gather resources and send them to your main account. You will always need resources in Call of Dragons for researching and building but even later when you max out everything you’ll need it to fight other players. So make sure that you create a farm account as soon as possible.