Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Safe Code Cheat


Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Safe Code Cheat


The safe in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

In Chapter 5 you will go to the Arneson mansion. A murder and kidnapping case awaits you here to investigate. At some point, the plot will lead you to a room on the first floor, on the door of which hangs a plaque with keys. Here you must use the Focus mode and look at the painting hanging on the wall. This event will cause you to learn how to open a hidden door in another room, however, you will also be able to discover the safe.

Interestingly, you can answer all the questions posed during the chapter without opening it. There is also nothing to prevent you from deducing what to do next. However, without getting into the murderer’s room (which is possible only after opening the safe), the game will not allow you to continue playing.

Code to the safe

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened - Safe Code; How to Open It? - picture #1

In Sherlock Holmes The Awakened there is only one safe. Since you’re here, you’ve probably already discovered it and are looking for information on how to open it. Nothing easier, as long as you know the code – you have to enter 1862. This will open the cache.

Once you’ve looked at its contents, head to the last locked room on the first floor. It’s the one with the bell symbol on the door. This is where the murderer and cultist you are looking for lived.