Dead Island 2 Bucho the Clown Cheats


Dead Island 2 Bucho the Clown Cheats


In Dead Island 2’s Boardwalking Dead main story mission, you’ll eventually come face-to-face with Bucho The Clown. After stalking you on the Ferris Wheel, Bucho will eventually corner you on a pier, forcing you into a showdown.

If the boss is causing you grief, our advice below can make the fight easier. Not only that but some of the tips can be prepped beforehand.

Fury Mode

The second the fight starts, if you have it ready to go, we recommend launching straight into Fury Mode to wail on Bucho. Spew some bile on them and batter them with fierce strikes to dish out serious damage.

If you’re struggling throughout the fight, you can always hang around and kill a few straggler Zombies to help fill up your Fury meter and use skills to quicken the process.

Don’t let Bucho heal

One of the reasons this fight can be so tough is the fact that Bucho can heal. They’ll dash around the area and feed on corpses to replenish health. Do not let the fearsome Zombie do this under any circumstances.

If Bucho does this, you need to bring out the big guns, literally, to stop them. Hurl your throwable weapons such as Pipe Bombs and Molotovs to inflict passive damage and interrupt their actions.

Keep your distance

Bucho The Clown’s claws will hit hard. By this stage of the game, you should have acquired the ability to use some powerful guns. We strongly advise you to stock up on ammo and batter Bucho with a strong Shotgun, Nail Gun, Hunting Rifle, and whatever else you can get your hands on.

If your build is more suited to melee combat, then ensure your weapon is rapid and attacks fast. Dash in, land a few deadly swipes and dodge away before you get hit. If you can though, try and use ranged combat to bring Bucho down.

Aggression is not optional

From Bucho’s self-healing properties to the damage they can cause, to even the presence of other Zombies – you can’t let this fight drag on!

If you do, your ammo sources will deplete, and so will your Med-Kits, you’ll have to contend with even more of the undead, and Bucho has more chance to regenerate. Stay on the front foot and don’t let up.