Dead Island 2 Cheats and Tips


Dead Island 2 Cheats and Tips


Checkpoints And Difficulty

There are no difficulty levels in the game, so those that are not up for a rough action RPG might want to step back. There are things that can help ease players in though such as online co-op gameplay.

Players can get together with two friends online. The more players join their crew, the better. Also, the checkpointing system is fair in that players won’t lose much progress from where they fall. Money and experience points won’t be lost either.

Play The Story

There is another way to get better at the game besides getting a co-op group together. Simply playing through the story missions will open up a whole catalog of weapons and upgrades that will beef out characters. Players will eventually learn to mod weapons and get more skill cards and skill slots.

Guns will change the whole course of the game along with the Super Saiyan-like Fury Mode transformation players can get into. Side quests will help players get more experience points and rare gear, but it might be best to stick to mainline story quests until the aforementioned Fury Mode power is unlocked.

Modding And Skills

Like the previous Dead Island games, a big mechanic of the sequel allows players to mod weapons. Players can attach electricity or burning elements to things like axes or swords. These elements will leave effects on zombies as well as increase the threshold of damage the weapon does overall.

Skill cards will unlock as the story progresses and as players level up. For both mods and skill cards, it’s best to experiment with them all to see which fits best with the style of play.

Always Buy Fuses

Fuses act like the golden keys to the world of Dead Island 2. Nearly every house and building will have one fuse box open. Placing a fuse in will unlock a secret area stuffed with gear and materials that are rare for an action RPG.

Vendors, such as Carlos who lives at Emma’s house, will sell them. His stock is not infinite, but it will replenish over time. The same is true for the other vendors in the game. So, when fuses are available, max out the inventory because the investment will be worth it.

Beware Of Skulls

Certain enemy zombies will have a skull next to their health bars, instead of levels. This will usually indicate that players are in the wrong area at the wrong time. It’s a way to signify extreme level differences between enemies and players. It’s okay to run in these circumstances and that’s a good rule of thumb, overall.

Even if zombies are within the player’s level, the overwhelming amount of them can be too much. So, make use of the open-world gameplay and run like the wind.