Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Finding Brimshine


Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Finding Brimshine


Where to Find Brimshine in The Burning Shores

Like Greenshine in the Forbidden West, Brimshine occurs naturally right throughout the Burning Shores and can be easily identified by its bright yellow glow. It also shows up when Aloy performs a Focus scan, making it incredibly easy for players to track down. It tends to show up in quest-related areas, be they part of the main story or related to one of the expansion’s side quests.


After locating a Brimshinesliver or fragment, players can simply press and hold the Triangle button to harvest them. Slivers will provide players with a single piece of Brimshine while fragments typically offer two. Those hoping to unlock and upgrade all of the best weapons in the Burning Shores expansion will have to harvest quite a lot, so will need to keep their eyes constantly peeled and be sure to check every nook and cranny while performing regular Focus scans.

What is Brimshine Used for in The Burning Shores

In The Burning Shores, Brimshine serves as both a currency and an upgrade material and is typically associated with Legendary weapons and outfits. Players will need eight pieces of Brimshine a piece to buy the Quen Commander, Quen Marine, and Nora Lookout Legendary outfits from the Stitcher in Fleet’s End and the same again for the six Legendary weapons being sold by the settlement’s Hunter.

Upgrading these nine pieces of equipment will require a lot more Brimshine, as too will maxing out the stats of the Blacktide Quen Commander pre-order bonus outfit and any other Legendary gear obtained through side quests. With this in mind, players may want to focus on fully upgrading one weapon and outfit first before using Brimshine to buy the lot, as fully upgraded equipment will be a lot more useful to them in the short term.