War Mongrels Cheats and Tips


War Mongrels Cheats and Tips


Get To Know Your Soldiers

Before you jump into the game, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your soldiers and their unique abilities and weapons. Knowing these things will give you an edge when it comes to building your team and using each soldier to their full potential throughout the game.



Create A Winning Team

Building a team of soldiers that complements each other’s abilities and weapons is crucial if you want to win in War Mongrels. Experiment with different combinations of soldiers to find the best lineup for each mission.



Discover Hidden Hideouts

Enemies will be constantly trying to find you, so it’s important to discover hideouts to avoid being caught. Attack your enemies silently from these hideouts to keep progressing through the game.



Stealth Is Key

When it comes to stealth, War Mongrels gives you a few options to help you avoid detection. Make sure to avoid making noise while using stealth elements, as this will attract enemies and reveal your location.



Use Your Soldiers’ Abilities And Weapons

Every soldier has different abilities and weapons, so use them wisely to complete each mission. Understanding what each soldier can bring to the table will be instrumental in your success in War Mongrels.



Learn How To Sneak

In War Mongrels, sneaking is a must if you want to avoid being detected by enemies. The game allows you to sneak by either crawling with one character or multiple characters at once. Moving slowly across the scene will make it harder for enemies to detect you.



Enter Planning Mode

When playing War Mongrels, it’s important to plan your moves carefully. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, enter Planning Mode by hitting the “Tab” button or selecting the Planning Mode option from the hotkey bar. This mode slows down downtime and allows you to queue up actions for all of your characters, so you can be prepared for anything the game throws your way.