Nuclear Blaze Cheats and Tips


Nuclear Blaze Cheats and Tips


Use Water Sparingly

Water is your friend in this game, and because you’re entering straight into the devil’s playground, you’re going to need a bunch of it. While it can be tempting to put out every fire you spot, doing this will make you run out far too quickly before you even reach the mission location. So instead, use the water in short bursts and only where it’s needed.

If you’re searching for secrets, make sure you have enough water before doing so. Using all your water can be incredibly frustrating when there’s no top-up in sight, and you need to put out another raging fire ahead.

Watch Out For Electrical Hazards

It seems fire isn’t your only problem in Nuclear Blaze; there’s also the topic of electricity and the hazards it brings along. Now, water and electricity aren’t the best mix, so it makes sense to be wary when waving about your hose next to a sign warning you of electricity. But with how stressful and intense the game is to play, it can be easy to slip up and, unfortunately, electrocute the character you’re controlling.

Be careful not to step on any live wires and be cautious when interacting with electrical mains.

The Dodge Button Is Your Friend

Ah, yes, the dodge button which has saved so many gamers’ lives in games like Dark Souls, Nioh, and Ghost Of Tsushima. The crutch that keeps on giving, protecting your character from having to restart the level all over again, and the tactic you need to make sure you’re utilizing. Don’t be afraid to use the evade button. It’s there to help you out of tricky moments.

Dodging out of the way of hazardous situations can save your skin and, in some cases, is more valuable than the water hose itself. So be sure to use all the tools at your disposal and be careful when venturing through a treacherous spot.

Fires Can Randomly Re-Ignite

If the idea of being trapped in tight spaces that are pretty steamy from, you know, all the fire trying to engulf you isn’t terrifying enough, it turns out some of these fires have the strange ability to…re-ignite themselves? Nuclear Blaze is already difficult enough with the precision you’ll need with how much water you use against these fires, but to have them suddenly appear again can seem unfair.

This doesn’t always happen, but it’s best to be on the lookout for these fires rearing their heads once more and try to see if you can devise a path before heading down it. This way, the chance of fires coming alight again may be lessened.