Live A Live Remastered Cheats and Tips


Live A Live Remastered Cheats and Tips


Every Scenario Is Short

All seven of the starting scenarios are around two to three hours long. Some episodes, like The Wild West, do not have a lot of fighting in them. This makes the stories wrap up a lot quicker. Then there are others, like Prehistory, which feature random encounters and opportunities to level up like in a typical RPG. It should take around twenty hours to complete. After those seven scenarios are finished, a final episode unlocks which is significantly longer.

Pay Attention To Meters

It is a bit hard to understand the battle system at first because it combines turn-based RPGs with tactical ones. When the ATB gauge fills up, that player character or enemy can move. Some actions require more time to prep while other actions, like basic attacks, are immediate.

Pay attention to enemy ATB gauges and try to eliminate the enemies who are about to attack which should help mitigate team damage. Sometimes it is better to kill enemies with weak HP first though. The overall tip is to analyze the map before making any moves.

Spread Out Your Team

Do not cluster your party together while moving around the map. This is a tip that applies to many tactical RPGs besides Live A Live. Grouping together makes it easy for enemies to attack the party with area attacks.

Spreading out will prevent damage from hitting everyone. Also, tackling multiple enemies at once can help reduce their numbers quicker. Don’t get too far away from allies though. They might need to be revived, so, as always, play everything by ear.

How Death Works

Players will not enter a Game Over screen unless all party members on the battlefield die. Some RPGs, especially tactical ones, set up failure when particular heroes go down. The Persona and Fire Emblem series come to mind when the main character falls.

Losing all HP in Live A Live will have characters enter a limbo state with a halo around their head. Using any healing spell or item can revive them. If they take one more hit from an enemy, they will retreat and won’t get experience for that battle.

Movement Versus Action

It is necessary to discuss how movement works within this game more. The ATB gauge fills up a sliver of time whenever an action is performed and this includes movement. Sometimes it is better to use a lesser attack to take advantage of the situation rather than risk activating an enemy by moving one square.

Here is an example one can encounter on the battlefield. Two enemies are about to die and if the player moves one square, they can attack both with an area attack. However, this might also allow one or both enemies to attack first which may kill that character. Weigh all options. That is the mantra of tactical RPGs as a whole.