NBA Jam Cheat Codes


NBA Jam Cheat Codes


Push Button Codes

The numbers indicate how many times you press that button, then you press the direction to enable it. You do this after you select your players for the game.

Use Square to change the first box
Use X to change the second box
Use Circle to change the third box

Note that the codes listed after ”ABA Ball” must be purchased (Within the game) in order for them to work.

Effect Code
“Super Thug” Mode 312 Right
80’s Filter 003 Right
ABA Ball 020 Down
Acclaim Rooftop 011 Up
Always on Fire 313 Up
Beach Ball Ball 201 Up
Big Heads 200 Right
Chain Nets 201 Down
Challenging Mode (Tougher gameplay) 111 Up
Child’s Play (Exhibition only) 111 Left
Easy to get on fire 313 Down
Fast Game Clock 210 Right
Fast Shot Clock 210 Up
Faster Gameplay 313 Left
Hotspots always on 312 Up
Iguana Gym (Playing Arena) 010 Up
Infinite Turbo 313 Right
No “On Fire” 100 Left
No 2-Point shots 122 Up
No 3-Point shots 122 Down
No goaltending 122 Right
No hotspots 312 Down
No Replays 100 Up
No Shot Clock 210 Down
Powerup Team 000 Up
Powerup Team 3-Pointers 222 Up
Powerup Team Blocks 222 Left
Powerup Team Dribbling 222 Right
Powerup Team Dunks 222 Down
Powerup Team Rebounds 232 Up
Powerup Team Speed 232 Left
Powerup Team Strength 232 Down
Retro Bulls Arena (Chicago Stadium) 010 Right
Retro Celtics Arena (Boston Garden) 010 Down
Retro Lakers Arena (Great Western Forum) 010 Left
Rucker Park 011 Left
Show shot percentage 100 Down
Slow Game Clock 210 Left
Tournament Mode 111 Down
Venice Beach 011 Down


Cheat Codes

Create a New Profile using the indicated name to get there effect.
Effect Password
Unlock Everything (Secret Characters, Teams, Courts, Appreal, Cheats, and Artwork) -LPP-
Unlocks the NBA Jam Developement Team CREDITS