Showgunners Cheats and Tips


Showgunners Cheats and Tips


Tips for success in Showgunners

  1. Study the environment: The levels in Showgunners are dynamic and constantly changing. Pay attention to how the environment changes and use it to your advantage.
  2. Team up with other mercenaries: You can’t do everything alone in this game. Use the skills of your allies to defeat every enemy.
  3. Explore the open world: Take the time to explore the world of Showgunners. Here you can find valuable items and weapons that will help you in battle.
  4. Increase your fame: The more popular you become with fans, the more bonuses you will receive. So don’t forget to sign autographs and interact with them!
  5. Choose your skills wisely: Depending on how you want to play, you should adjust your skills in the talent tree accordingly. Experiment and find out what works best for your playstyle.

The gameplay of Showgunners

The gameplay of Showgunners is based on turn-based tactical combat. You’ll be facing off against a variety of heavily armed and mentally unstable defenders. The handcrafted levels offer dynamically changing environments that can either help or harm you, depending on how well you play. To survive this cruel competition, you must carefully plan your attacks and ally yourself with other mercenaries to gain the necessary advantages.


Open world and puzzles

In addition to the action-packed battles, Showgunners also offers an open world to explore. Here you can escape traps, solve puzzles, and unlock special items and weapons. You also have the opportunity to sign autographs and interact with fans to increase your “fame” and receive powerful bonuses.

Skill trees and character development

During your adventure in Showgunners, you will collect experience points and choose character talents in the skill tree. These talents are crucial to your playstyle and will help you succeed in battles. Make sure to choose and adapt your skills wisely to effectively defeat your opponents!