Super Dungeon Maker Cheats and Tips


Super Dungeon Maker Cheats and Tips


You Can Dash Over 2 Spaces

One confusing part of the game? Dashing. You’ll be able to do it after acquiring the Feathers Power-up, and it allows you to cross terrain that would otherwise be a death sentence. This is easy if the area you’re trying to cross is only one space wide. If it’s 2 spaces wide, it’s possible, but you’ve got a problem.

The dash in this game is just barely long enough to allow you to cross two spaces safely. You’ll have to stand right up against the edge before hitting the button, and that can be tough. Don’t fret, though, because you’ll get the hang of it. And dying doesn’t have a ton of consequences.

Dying Doesn’t Have A Ton Of Consequences

It can feel really frustrating to die over and over and over again in a game like this. Some players make their levels intentionally difficult, like the above example from a dungeon by in-game user wiskrim. It’s entirely possible to traverse these diagonal paths with the right timing and button pressing… but you’re going to fall into the pits. A lot.

Thankfully, if you’re really stubborn and don’t rage-quit on something like this immediately, there aren’t a ton of consequences for your death. You’re just returned to the dungeon’s entrance with full hearts. You’ll still have all the Power-ups you unlocked and any monsters you defeated or other changes you made in the dungeon will remain.

How To Report Bugs

Since Super Dungeon Maker is a game in early access, it’s not totally finished yet. There are still plenty of bugs to be encountered and fixed. You can help the developers to locate them by sending a bug report whenever you run into one.

To report a bug, just hit the ‘Esc’ key and look for the little ladybug button in the bottom left. This will bring up a page for you to fill in. Go ahead and provide as many details as you can so that the developers will be able to figure out exactly what’s wrong. It’s especially useful to provide screenshots or videos! Don’t worry – it’s not an arduous process of finding files or anything. Just scroll to the bottom of the report page and click on the checkered box with a plus sign in the centre. That’ll boot you back to the regular game, except for one small change: a new menu on the top. The left button is for taking pictures, the centre one is for recording video, and the right one is to return you to your bug report.

Enter The (Literal) Sandbox

Right after beating the game’s tutorial, it’s easy to get excited upon seeing the hub world! As a result, you may miss the little birds playing in a sandbox along the path out of the dungeon. They’re actually there for a very specific purpose: to give you a mini introduction to some of the building tools!

When you enter, it’ll be a little pre-made area, but you have the power to turn on the building tools by pressing ‘P.’ The little birds will ask you to perform specific tasks to help them out and (by sheer coincidence, we’re sure) introduce you to specific mechanics of the game.