MONOPOLY GO! Cheats and Tips


MONOPOLY GO! Cheats and Tips


Introducing the Basics of MONOPOLY GO!

Players throw virtual dice at the beginning of the game’s classic mode to select how many spaces they can move across the virtual board. They decide on their favorite token. The token might be the recognizable top hat battleship or another well-known item. The addition of the number shown on the dice is the number of places the player can advance. After that, the player starts their journey to make purchases and grow their corporate empire.

Players have the option to acquire properties as they move their tokens across the virtual board and can also collect rent from other players whose tokens land on their owned homes. In order to enhance their rental income, they can deliberately purchase homes and hotels. They can also define a certain color group in order to increase their earnings. They should also be careful of other players’ homes, and avoid landing on them if possible because doing so could result in high rent or even bankruptcy.

Overall, the traditional mode in the online edition of Monopoly gives players the option to experience the familiar and beloved gameplay they grew up with. Players can experience the thrill of creating their own business empires and becoming the richest player in the virtual Monopoly world using virtual dice, a digital board, and well-known items of property purchase, rent collecting, and card drawing. So, in the digital version of the original mode of Monopoly, roll the dice, plan ahead, and enjoy creating your own rich empire!

Building and Managing Real Estate

The best part of Monopoly Go! is that it comes with various modes. The empire-building mode is one of them. In this mode, players can develop their very own real estate empires and unlock a tonne of new boards to play on, each of which has recognizable landmarks from all over the world.

Players in this empire-building mode begin with a modest piece of ground and gradually expand their real estate holdings by buying homes, renovating them, and renting out space to other players. As players advance, they have the chance to access over 100 new boards, each of which has a different theme and set of characteristics.

These boards might be based on well-known cities like New York, London, or Paris and feature well-known sites like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower, bringing an exciting new twist to the classic Monopoly game. But it goes further than that. Players in this mode can also enhance their landmarks to increase the benefits they receive.

Players can increase their rental income, acquire new advantages, and surpass their rivals by properly investing in upgrades. In order to improve a landmark, a player may add features or services, renovate a property, or even gain unique skills that will help them in their quest to become the greatest real estate emperor.

The empire-building game in Monopoly Go! offers players countless chances for creativity, strategy, and competitive fun. This is because of its varied selection of boards and monuments to unlock. Hence, prepare yourself to create your own real estate empire, improve your landmarks, and rule the world of online Monopoly like never before!

Participating in Mini-Games

Players in Monopoly Go! can participate in a variety of mini-games and activities with other players to fully immerse themselves in a social and interactive experience. These characteristics increase the sense of unity and friendly competition, which increases the gameplay’s thrill.

Players can also engage in daily tournaments for a chance to win one-time rewards. These competitions could include challenges, races, or other contests that evaluate participants’ tactical ability. Players compete to go up the leaderboards and win exclusive gifts that might not be available during normal gaming, which gives the game a competitive edge.

With its interactive elements, Monopoly Go! encourages players to connect with one another, work together, and compete in a number of ways outside of the game’s conventional rules. It improves the social side of the game by enabling communication between friends, the formation of alliances, and the display of achievements. This gives the experience of playing a digital board game an extra layer of pleasure and excitement. Some of the mini-games include:

  • Shutdown: The Shutdown minigame can be started by landing on one of the railway tiles. You’ll go to another player’s Board in this minigame and make money by attacking their Landmarks!
  • Bank Heist: The Bank Heist minigame can be started by landing on one of the Railway Tiles. During this minigame, you’re provided with a collection of bank doors, each one hiding your opponent’s riches! You will be able to check how much money you’ve stolen once you’ve discovered three of the same kind of treasure!

Collect the Shield faster

Shields are basically elements that block others from damaging your landmarks. Hence, being an amateur it is very important to gather some shield very fast. This is because at first your empire is very small and hence if all of the built landmarks are broken you will be left with a void. You should at least collect a minimum of three shields.

Use Auto Rolls wisely

While playing the board game you will come across an auto roll upgradation. It is basically an upgradation through which you can roll your dice multiple times. You can use it by pressing the “Go” option for a long time. But sometimes, you shouldn’t use the auto roll or else you may end up in the jail option on the board. Thus, calculate every step before pressing auto roll.

Focus on the Landmarks

After gathering a handful of money, you have several options to invest them. But your investment’s first priority always will be landmarks. This is because if some other players buy the plots before you, you will lose your plot. Hence, afterward, if you want to buy them again, you have to do it but at an extra cost. Also, building more landmarks will expand your empire.