Serial Cleaners Dino Park Achievements


Serial Cleaners Dino Park Achievements


  • Crazy SOB, You Did It

    Obtain gold rating in all Dino Park missions.

  • Do-you-think-he-saurus

    Complete all Dino Park missions without getting busted.

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth

    Do the perfect cleaning in all Dino Park missions.

  • That’s One Big Pile

    Find all collectibles in Dino Park missions.

  • The Crush And Smash The Dino Four

    Complete the Dino Park storyline.

  • …Women Inherit The Earth

    Be around when a velociraptor takes care of a guardsman.


Clean up the crime scenes on a mysterious island inhabited by dinosaurs, in Serial Cleaners – Dino Park DLC.
Uncover the truth about the island, its owners, and the thought-to-be-extinct overgrown lizards.

Experience 4 new maps, each with a distinct style and unique objectives.
Find collectibles, complete challenges and earn trophies.
But be careful – dinosaurs do indeed eat man.